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Sunday, Aug 14, 2022
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Sunday, Aug 14, 2022
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Motorola mobile phones under 6,000: Budget-friendly and great battery backup

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  • Published on Aug 05, 2022 15:23 IST
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With good processors and wonderful features, Motorola phones under 6,000 will meet all your requirements. Check out the list of some of the best Motorola phones with their features and pricing.

product info
Motorola phones under 6,000 promise decent performance.

Many people don't like spending too much on phones and want just some basic features such as a camera, good processor, dual sim, etc. Selecting the right low-budget smartphone is difficult, as there are so many options in the market these days. Therefore, it is essential for you to first analyse your requirements and budget before starting your research. Start your research only once you know your requirements. Then, check all the phones under your budget and features, and read reviews from reliable sources. After that, compare the online and offline prices before making the final decision.

If you also have a limited budget and wish to purchase a Motorola mobile phone under 6,000, then look no further, as Motorola offers some of the best phones.

Here are the best Motorola phones under 6,000

1. Motorola a10 keypad Mobile Dual Sim

Available in two different shades, this phone is priced at Rs. 1,399. It has an expandable memory of up to 32GB and a soft keypad.

It has many features like a dual sim, 3G connectivity, etc., making this an affordable option for those who need to run two numbers on one device! The best part is that it has six language input alternatives and options to change the font size.

Product Specifications:

· OS: Android

· Colour: Dark Blue

· Display: 2.4 inch

· Wireless communication technologies: Bluetooth

· Batteries: 1 lithium-Ion battery required. (included)

· Product dimensions: 11.8 x 5 x 1.5 cm; 82 grams

· RAM: 32 GB

· Processor: Mediatek processor

· What’s in the box: ‎Adapter

· Special features: Dual SIM, expandable memory

· Form factor: ‎Bar

· Other display features: Wireless

· Device interface – primary: ‎Keypad

· Connectivity technologies: GSM Bluetooth

· Item weight: ‎82 g

· Battery power rating: 1750 mAh

· Country of origin: ‎India

2 years replacement warrantyCamera quality low
Top built-up qualityInternet access is slow
Sturdy phone 
FM with recording feature 

2. Motorola a50 keypad Mobile

The Motorola a50 keypad Mobile is a dual sim basic keypad enabled mobile with a display of 2.4 inches. It is a budget-friendly phone priced at Rs.1,629 with a microSD card slot, a VGA camera, and supports Bluetooth 4.0.

This dual sim keypad phone comes with a mediatek processor having expandable memory of up to 32 GB. It has 16 MB of internal storage, which is enough space to save your favourite songs. But it still does not have all the features that most people want in their everyday devices, such as FM radio. The various components worth mentioning about this phone are a rear camera, a music player, and an option to increase the font. It has six language input options also.

Product Specifications:

· RAM: 32 GB

· Display: 2.4 inch

· Colour: Rose Gold

· Other display features: Wireless

· Device interface – primary: ‎Keypad

· OS: Android

· Storage: expandable up to 32 GB

· Form factor: Bar

· Wireless communication technologies: Bluetooth

· Batteries: ‎1 lithium-ion battery is required. (included)

· Special features: ‎Bluetooth, dual sim, camera

· Processor: Mediatek processor

· Other camera features: ‎Rear

· What’s in the box: ‎Adapter

· Battery power rating: 1750 mAh

· Product dimensions: ‎11.8 x 5 x 1.5 cm

· Item weight: 82 g

· Country of origin: ‎India

Reasonable pricingNo FM radio
Music playerNo rear camera
Dual sim 
Good battery backup 

3. Motorola a70 keypad Mobile Dual Sim

This keypad cell phone is ideal for those who wish to buy a compatible dual sim mobile. The Motorola a70 has most of the features that any phone might have under this pricing. Some features that it offers are good battery life, a screen size of 2.4-inch, an advanced rear camera, a music player, and options to input text in six different Indian languages.This phone is convenient for travelling and is priced at Rs. 1,950 on Amazon. Furthermore, on this phone, you can also increase the font size. In addition, this phone has an expandable memory of up to 32 GB.

Product Specifications:

· OS: 2G keypad phone

· Item weight: ‎90 grams

· RAM: ‎32 GB

· Display: 2.4-inch

· Colour: ‎Rose gold

· Batteries: ‎1 lithium Ion battery required. (included)

· Other display features: ‎Wireless

· Wireless communication technologies: ‎Bluetooth

· Connectivity technologies: ‎Bluetooth

· Product dimensions: 12.7 x 5.3 x 1.3 cm; 90 grams

· Processor: Mediatek Processor

· Special features: Bluetooth, dual sim, camera

· Battery power rating: 1750 mAh

· Other camera features: ‎Rear

· Audio Jack: ‎USB

· Storage: expandable up to 32 GB

· What's in the box: ‎Adapter

· Device interface – primary: Keypad

· Form factor: Bar

· Country of Origin: ‎India

Decent performanceNo FM radio
Music Player 
Dual sim 
Good battery backup 
Advanced rear camera 

Price of Motorola Mobile at a glance:

Motorola a10 keypad Mobile Dual Sim 1,399
Motorola a50 keypad Mobile Dual Sim 1,629
Motorola a70 keypad Mobile Dual Sim 1,950

Best 3 features for you

ProductFeature 1Feature 2Feature 3
Motorola a10 keypad MobileFM recording featureConnectivity technologies: Gsm BluetoothExpandable memory up to 32 GB
Motorola a50 keypad MobileMusic player6 Indian language input optionsBattery power rating: 1750
Motorola a70 keypad MobileLoud soundConnectivity technologies: ‎BluetoothAdvanced rear camera

Best value for money

The best Motorola phone under 6,000 is the Motorola a50 keypad mobile phone, as it has a 2.4-inch screen with a battery power rating of 1750mAh. The best part is that it offers its users 6 Indian language input options. This means you can change the language as per your choice within just a few easy steps. It also has a dual sim option; therefore, you can place two sims in the phone simultaneously.

In addition, it has an expandable memory of up to 32 GB, and an internal 16 MB storage, which is enough to store your favourite songs. One prominent feature missing in this phone under this range is that it does not have an FM radio. This phone also has a music player, which means you can listen to your songs while travelling or whenever you have free time.

Best overall

If you are looking for a phone with decent performance and a good process, look no further, as the Motorola a70 is ideal. It has advanced features that are perfect for your daily needs; it has a large keypad that makes it pretty easy to use. It has excellent battery life, so you can be sure to stay connected even when you are on the go.

This phone comes with a dual sim feature, which enables the user to use two different sim cards on the phone. This phone is very durable and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Overall, the mobile is very affordable and is worth every penny.

How to find the perfect Motorola mobile phone under Rs. 6000?

You can refer to this guide if you want to purchase a new Motorola mobile phone for 6,000. This guide depicts some of the best Motorola phones under this price range with complete specs. Still, there are a few aspects that you should check on before buying a new phone -

Motorola provides a broad spectrum of phones at different price points. So, you need to decide the budget and analyse how much you are willing to spend before you start doing your research.

You should know that all Motorola phones do not work with all cellular carriers, so ensure to choose the phone that is compatible with your carrier.

Jot down the vital features to you, making it easy for you to choose the phone. Ask yourself a few questions: Do you want a phone with a large screen, a small one, or a phone with lots of storage space? Knowing the features you need will help you to narrow down your choices.

Once you decide which model is perfect for your needs, you should compare the prices online and offline. Also, do not forget to check online reviews before proceeding with the final purchase.


1. Are Motorola phones safe to use?

You can be rest assured about the security of Motorola mobile devices, as they are protected by a long alphanumeric code that only you would know. This means your phone can never be hacked.

2. Are the phones mentioned in this article waterproof?

The phones mentioned in this article are not waterproof; therefore, you will have to keep them away from water.

3. What is a refurbished phone?

Before you start your purchase, you need to know the meaning of a refurbished phone. A refurbished phone means the product has been used before and is not brand new. These phones have been professionally inspected, tested, and cleaned to work like brand new. However, there are a few handsets in which you might see a few visible signs of earlier use.

4. Which phone is better: Motorola or Xiaomi?

Both the phone brands are good, but it depends on your usage and budget that which brand's phone will you go for. If you are planning to buy a phone for 6,000, you should go for Motorola, as it has a good reputation, plus its processor is also pretty fine.

5. Who takes care of the after-sale service? Is it Amazon or Motorola?

In case of any issues with the handset, you need to contact Motorola's customer services for that. However, if you receive a faulty handset, then you need to contact Amazon within ten days and can get the handset replaced.

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