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Your guide to the best epilators for women

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  • Published on Dec 01, 2022 21:00 IST
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Best epilators for women are out there waiting to be grabbed by the beautiful you. Some come with six attachments, some with 28 tweezers, and some with 2-speed settings. Want to find out more? Read on to learn more about the best epilators for women.

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A good epilator is the answer to all those women who are tired of waxing, shaving and trimming.

An epilator is an electronic device that helps in hair removal- in areas like arms, legs, underarms, face, and bikini lines. It helps with long-lasting smoothness, softness, and hair-free skin for four weeks. These devices have become an essential part of the beauty regimen for women worldwide.

Women tired of waxing, shaving, and trimming, can opt for the best epilators. But which are those? Read on to learn more about the best epilators for women.

7 best epilators for women

1. Philips Cordless Epilator– All-Rounder for Face and Body Hair Removal

Philips 710 Epilator comes with an Opti-light to view the finest hairs on your beautiful body. It has an optimal contact cap- which helps reduce discomfort and pulling of your skin during epilation. The ceramic tweezers on the extra-wide epilation head help grab more hair with each stroke.


Brand name - Philips

Waterproof - YES

Head - Extra wide

Colour - White

Shaving Head - YES

Trimming Comb - YES

Weight - 0.450 kilograms

Delicate Area Cap - YES

Hair-catching Actions Per Minute - 70,000

Covering Areas - Face, Underarms, Bikini line

S-shaped handle for comfortIt may be painful for some women
Epilation under ten minutes 
It lasts for four weeks. 

2. Braun Silk-PIL 7 7-561 Wet and Dry Cordless Epilator

Braun Silk 7 Epilator is a bikini trimmer for women. It is also a waterproof and battery-operated epilator. Most users over Amazon report that this epilator is long-lasting, suitable for sensitive skin, and helps rid of recurrent shaving episodes. It is perfect for short hair. If you wish to use it while bathing or showering, you can gladly use it as it is a wet epilator.


Brand name - Braun

Waterproof - YES

Colour - Silver

Number of Tweezers - 40

Attachments - 6

Weight - 0.37 kilograms

Power Source - Battery-operated

Shaver and Trimmer Head - YES

Covering Areas - Bikini

Removes hairs as thin as 0.5mmIt may provide a painful experience for some
Smoothness lasts long 
It comes with six extras like caps for the face, pubis, and more. 

3. Braun Face 810 – Mini Facial Epilator for Women with Cleansing Brush

With 2-speed settings and micro grip technology, Braun 810 Mini Epilator is well-known for removing that even wax cannot. Since the epilator is waterproof, you do not have to hesitate to operate it while bathing or showering. It is a multi-purpose epilator since it can also cleanse deep pores of your skin.


Brand name - Braun

Trimming Range - 0.02mm

Auto-overload Off - NO

Protective Cap - YES

Plucking Movement Per Second - 200

Colour - White

Attachments - 3

Warranty - 2 Years

Weight - 0.299 kilograms

Tweezers Count- 10

Oscillations - 100 per minute

Covering Areas - Chin, Eyebrows, Upper lip, Forehead

Removes hairs as thin as 0.2mmIt may not suit all kinds of skin
Six times better than manually cleansing the face- it helps remove makeup and impurities. 
It lasts for four weeks. 

4. Braun Epilator for Women- Silk-Epil 5-500

Talk about an epilator with a SensoSmart Guide, and Braun Silk 5 Epilator should be your choice. The SensoSmart Guide is such that it controls the amount of pressure you apply while epilating. It blinks red when the amount of pressure you put is too much. This way, you protect your skin as well as your hair on the skin.


Brand name - Braun

Waterproof - YES

Wider Head - 40%

Cordless Charger Validity - For 1-hour charge, 30 minutes of usage

Colour - Pink and White

Skin Contact Cap - YES

Ideal for - Beginners

High-frequency Massage Cap - YES

Attachments - 3

Weight - 0.480 kilograms

Tweezers Count- 28

Covering Areas - Legs, Underarms

It comes with a 2-speed setting.It may be painful for some.
Has anti-slip grip 
Innovative pressure-sensor technology 

5. Painless Rechargeable Eyebrow Epilator & Painless Facial Hair Removal Razor for Women

Painless Eyebrow Epilator has a built-in light to help guide you to the finest hairs. It has two primary functions - eyebrow epilator and facial epilator. The covering is stainless steel, protecting your precious skin from cuts and scratches. It is so travel-friendly that you can carry it wherever you go.


Brand name - Painless

Waterproof - YES

Head - Hypoallergic

Battery Life - 45 minutes

Colour - White

Attachments - 4

Weight - 0.100 kilograms

Head Type - Rotatory

Included Components - Free rechargeable battery set

Covering Areas - Face, Bikini, Eyebrow, Armpits, Legs, Lips, Nose

Pocket-size friendlyBlades are not sharp
Cordless, Micro USB charging cable 
The epilating Head is removable and washable. 

6. Braun Silk-Epil 9 Flex 9-010 Epilator for Women

The first epilator with a fully-flexible head is none other than- Braun Silk 9 Flex Epilator. For glowing, youthful, and fresh skin- make good use of the exfoliation brush that comes with this epilator. It has everything you need in an epilator - micro grip technology, Smartlight, 40 tweezers, and A sensoSmart guide.


Brand name - Braun

Colour - White

Flexible Head - YES

Waterproof - YES

Wider Head - 40%

Cordless Charger Validity - For 1-hour charge, 50 minutes of usage

Attachments - 6

Body Accessories - Brush for Exfoliation

Weight - 0.593 kilograms

Tweezers Count- 40

Shaver and Trimmer Head - YES

Covering Areas - Arms, Legs, Underarms, Sensitive Areas

Slim handle, anti-slip gripNo body massage attachment
Efficient epilation for all body areas 
Trimmer cap for trimming your hair 

7. Braun 69089 Silk-Epil 9 Skin Spa 9-961 v 5-in-1 Epilation, Exfoliation and Skin Care System

The micro grip technology of Braun 69089 Epilator helps catch hairs as short as 0.5mm. You can expect to have long-lasting smoothness of your skin for four weeks. It possesses high-performance bristles for excellent exfoliation of your dead skin cells. It is a dermatologically recommended hair removal epilator.


Brand name - Braun

Color - White and Bronze

Waterproof - YES

Attachments - 12

Fine Bristles - 10,000

Pivoting Head - YES

40% Wider Head -YES

High-frequency Massage Cap - YES

Body Accessories - 3 Brush for Exfoliation

Weight - 0.57 kilograms

Vibrations per Minute - 3000

Covering Areas - Arms, Legs, Underarms, Face, Bikini Area

SmartlightIt may not be suitable for sensitive skin
Pivoting Head for covering finer areas 
2-speed settings 

Price of epilators at a glance:

Philips 710 EpilatorRs. 4,546
Braun Silk 7 EpilatorRs. 17,980
Braun 810 Mini EpilatorRs. 3,009
Braun Silk 5 EpilatorRs. 4,191
Painless Eyebrow EpilatorRs. 756
Braun Silk 9 Flex EpilatorRs. 14,534
Braun 69089 EpilatorRs. 18,582

Three best features for consumers:

ProductFeature 1Feature 2Feature 3
Corded Or CordlessExtrasTweezers/head
Philips 710 EpilatorCordless3Ceramic
Braun Silk 7 EpilatorCordless640
Braun 810 Mini EpilatorCordless310
Braun Silk 5 EpilatorCordless328
Painless Eyebrow EpilatorCorded118K Gold-plated
Braun Silk 9 Flex EpilatorCordless640
Braun 69089 EpilatorCordless1240% wider Head with deep and long tweezers

Best value For money

In money matters, there is no competition for Braun Silk 7 Epilator. It offers virtually painless and gentle epilation for women. It has the maximum number of features in a discounted offer at Amazon. 40 Tweezers of this epilator can capture hair as short as 0.5mm and offer long-lasting, smooth, and hair-free skin for up to 4 weeks. With some of the best features and the lowest price range, this epilator is an excellent choice if you are looking for a great deal. Indeed, one of the best epilators for women.

Best overall

One of the best epilators for women is Braun Silk 9 Flex Epilator. It comprises many functions. Functions are Smartlight, Senso-Smart Guide, Anti-slip handle, Micro grip Tweezer System, Fully Flexible Head, 40 Tweezers, 100% Waterproof, Exfoliation brush, and only six attachments. It also has a 40% wider head. With some incredible features, incredible ratings, and a great price, this is indeed one of the best epilators for women.

How to find the perfect epilator?

Shaving gives thorny and thick hair. Waxing can give red bumps. But epilation? Smooth, gentle, and soft skin for four long weeks, almost as good as a month! So, how do you find the perfect epilator for your beautiful skin?

Here are some of the questions that you must contemplate:

What areas do you want it to cover? Arms, underarms, bikini line, legs, or face?

Speed settings: 1 for thin hair and 2 for thick hai

Attachments: What more can you do with an epilator? What is the number of extras? 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, or 12?

Wet or dry: Epilation is less painful when you do it during a bath or shower

Tweezer count: 10, 20, 30, 40

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