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Best face masks for dry skin: Take to these to reveal hydrated, smooth skin

  • HT By Shreya Garg
  • Published on Nov 14, 2022 16:27 IST
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Got dry skin? Then try face masks that are designed to make your skin appear plump and hydrated. Read on to see our curated options for you.

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Face masks for dry skin work at keeping skin hydrated at all times.

Face masks are a great skincare essential that can help you combat many skin woes and give you the skin of your dreams. If you're someone who is struggling with dry and dehydrated skin, then you must look for face masks that come enriched with nourishing and moisturising properties. A great skincare indulgence, face masks can help one reach one’s skincare goals fast. We navigated through a sea of options available on Amazon to shortlist some of the best ones for you. Below we have a list prepared of face masks for dry skin.

Take a look at the options to see what they can do for your skin. Most of them work to keep aging signs at bay and make your skin appear smooth and soft. Besides, they definitely ensure to keep your skin hydrated at all


Khadi Pure Herbal Sandal & Almond Face Mask
This mask is good for tired and dull skin. It helps keep skin hydrated and also reduces the appearance of ageing signs. Enriched with the goodness of Seaweed, this one treats hyperpigmentation as well. You will love how plump and radiant your skin will look after every application. It is a must buy for sure. Besides, it has a pleasant fragrance.

Be Soulfull Hydrating Face Mask

This face mask will do wonders for your skin. From providing intense hydration to brightening the complexion, this one is particularly best for dull and dehydrated skin. It helps combat the problem of uneven skin tone and enlarged pore size. This formulation is also best at exfoliating the skin. It keeps ageing signs at bay and is free from cruelty, paraben, mineral oil and silicone.

Ustraa De-Tan Face Mask
This face mask is best suited for dry skin. It is an oil-free formulation that comes enriched with the goodness of Olive oil and Kaolin clay that helps reveal a bright, plump and radiant skin. It is a great formulation that also aids in exfoliating the skin rather well. Infused with a fresh scent, this one keeps pores clean, reduces ageing signs and moisturises the skin.

Plum Grape Seed and Sea Buckthorn Renaissance Face Mask
This face mask is made from the goodness of Chamomile extracts, White Tea leaf extracts, Licorice root extract and so on. It comes packed with deep cleansing and exfoliating properties. You will see a palpable difference in the health of your skin. Rich in antioxidants, this one is free from cruelty, paraben and other nasties.

Fixderma Cosmetic Laboratories Hydrating Mask
This hydrating face mask comes in the form of cream. It has a pleasant fragrance akin to that of Grapefruit. It nourishes the skin deeply and brightens the complexion of skin as well. The ingredients present in this helps keep ageing signs at bay and shields skin from sun damage as well.

Price of face masks for dry skin at a glance:

Face maskPrice
Khadi Pure Herbal Sandal & Almond Face Mask 320.00
Be Soulfull Hydrating Face Mask  599.00
Ustraa De-Tan Face Mask 299.00
Plum Grape Seed and Sea Buckthorn Renaissance Face Mask  450.00
Fixderma Cosmetic Laboratories Hydrating Mask 1,050.00

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