Bowling could give Hyderabad the edge

sports Updated: May 29, 2016 08:03 IST

Since KKR’s exit I have tried to immerse myself into various activities. Some usual, some unusual. Anything to keep my mind from slipping into the past. I watched the movie ‘Sarabjit’. I knew it won’t be my usual popcorn and coke movie. I was right. It was brilliant and extremely moving. It is a must-watch and I am glad I did. Personally, it puts life, cricket and an IPL loss into perspective. I won’t say I have come to terms with KKR’s exit but I am getting there... Sarabjit’s story is helping.

For starters I think I will enjoy watching the IPL final a bit more than I thought. Perhaps my settlement with our exit will switch on the fan in me rather than a competitor of David Warner and Virat Kohli. I can afford to put my feet up. There will be a new winner. I am confident whichever team wins, it will ignite inspiration for youngsters in that region.


I think Hyderabad are better placed as they have a better bowling attack. I hope Mustafizur Rahman is fit as it will be a sumptuous contest between him and the RCB batsmen. In a way it will also be a test for young Rahman as he will be bowling on a batting pitch and trying to defend small boundaries. I will also back Bhuvneshwar Kumar. He is a good, thinking cricketer.

It will be a big moment for Warner too. I don’t think it will be misplaced to say that IPL gave Australian cricket Warner-the-Test-batsman. I think it was his IPL stints that made him a complete batsman which transformed him into a better Test batsman. This IPL has helped Warner discover the leader in him. Maybe sometime in the future he could be leading Australia and IPL could take some credit for that. I’d also back my friend Yuvraj Singh. He looked good against us and I won’t be surprised if he puts on a show for Hyderabad.


In the other corner is the batting might of RCB which is in redhot form led by Virat and AB de Villiers. They have momentum and self-belief. These two are important when you are playing a final of a tournament like IPL. A lot of people are saying that Virat is at his best. Personally I think his batting in the T20 World Cup would have given him much more satisfaction. Simply because when you play an international team you are playing against five quality bowlers but in a tournament like IPL there are two or three quality bowlers in any attack. An India captain winning IPL would be quite befitting. Although I must add that a low-profile team like Hyderabad is equally deserving.

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The writer is KKR captain

First Published: May 29, 2016 08:03 IST