'I'm not a hater, I'm not jealous': WWE's mistake adds ‘more fuel to Liv Morgan’s fire' before Ronda Rousey clash

Oct 07, 2022 06:19 PM IST

Liv Morgan, who claimed the WWE women's SmackDown championship after cashing in her Money in the Bank briefcase, is all set to take Ronda Rousey - the self-proclaimed “Baddest Woman on the Planet” at premium event Extreme Rules in Philadelphia on Sunday(IST).

It took a few years but Liv Morgan has finally climbed to the top in the WWE roster, defending her women's SmackDown championship against Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler. Morgan, who claimed the title after cashing in her Money in the Bank briefcase, is all set to take Rousey - the self-proclaimed “Baddest Woman on the Planet” again at the premium event Extreme Rules in Philadelphia on Sunday(IST).

WWE SmackDown women's champion Liv Morgan(WWE)
WWE SmackDown women's champion Liv Morgan(WWE)

Rousey as we all know has a phenomenal track record but Morgan isn't bothered about it. In fact, the champion believes Extreme Rules gives her the perfect setup to carry forward her title reign.

“I know she has a phenomenal track record. She's the ‘Baddest Woman on the Planet’, but I'm also the only woman on the planet to defeat her twice. So I'm walking into my match feeling very good. Also it's an Extreme Rules match. Extreme rules you know hardcore tables, ladders, chairs. That's why I fell in love with WWE.

“So I almost feel like I have a leg up in this. I know how dangerous she is. I know the damage she's capable of doing, but I feel like this is my territory, this is my world. So I'm feeling good,” the women's SmackDown champion told hindustantimes.com in an exclusive interview earlier this week.

Morgan's journey in WWE has been a long hard road. Ever since her time at the NXT, the development territory for most WWE superstars, there were instances when she came close to clinching the title but it never happened until the pay-per-view event Money in the Bank in July. Sharing her thoughts on the experience so far, Morgan said: "The journey definitely wasn't easy. It was full of ups and downs, moments when I doubted myself, but I just stayed the course. I think that's the only thing we can do in scenarios of feeling like your back's against the wall and that you have this long road in front of you.

“The only thing that we can do is to keep trying. And so that's all I did. I just kept trying and I just kept believing in myself. And then at the end of the day, I won this (shows her SmackDown Championship belt).”

“So I'm ecstatic and I just hope that anyone that has a goal or dream just knows that there's gonna be obstacles, but if you just keep on pushing through, you'll definitely get what you were looking for at the end of the day,” she added.

Despite the high and being the current champion, many still consider Morgan to be the underdog heading into the match against Rousey. The poster released by WWE promoting her match also passed a similar indication, which is something Morgan was not very pleased with.

The poster had just Rousey's face in it, thus forcing an angry reaction from the champion on Instagram.

When asked to elaborate more on the same, Morgan said: “It's just very simply put I feel. Like I was just scrolling on Twitter and I see the release of the new Extreme Rules poster and it has my opponent - ‘the Baddest Woman on the planet’ Ronda Rousey. I'm not a hater, I'm not jealous. I just was like, hmm… how very typical that Ronda who is not our champion is on the poster as opposed to me who is a champion, but honestly it just added more fuel to my fire.

"I'm like 'Okay WWE you know what, maybe I was never supposed to be your women's champion. But I am. And I did that because I had millions of people watching at home and thousands of people in the arena cheering for me they made me their girl. So even though I wasn't supposed to be your girl, they made me their girl.

“And that's exactly what I am. And so you can keep your poster, keep Ronda on the poster. It doesn't matter,” she said.

The SmackDown women's champion also named veteran wrestler Natalya as the superstar she admires the most, before adding she is open to new challenges from any of the other female superstars on the show. “There's things from each woman that I learn from or I admire about them. But I feel like Natalya for me personally she has helped me grow so much in my career. Whether it's letting me train with her at the dungeon or just giving me advice. Nattie is definitely the veteran in the locker room and so I respect and appreciate her input and her time and just for her body of work. So I think Natalia is awesome,” she signed off.

Watch the LIVE coverage of WWE Specials - Extreme Rules on SONY TEN 1 (English), SONY TEN 3 (Hindi) and SONY TEN 4 (Tamil and Telugu) channels on 9th October 2022 from 5:30 am (IST).

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