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Wednesday, Nov 25, 2020


Sep 26, 2020 16:30
“Looks like I’m looking through a kaleidoscope,” wrote an Instagram user while commenting on NASA’s Instagram post. read more
Sep 23, 2020 20:00
Can Isro’s Shukrayaan help make headway? If conducted in the spirit of collective intellectual advancement rather than competitive nationalism, then yes, it can read more
Sep 11, 2020 08:57
Previously, it was believed that Jupiter, the largest planet, was responsible for most of the tidal heating associated with the liquid interiors of its moons. read more
Jul 23, 2020 13:32
“It is so beautiful,” wrote a Twitter user on the post. read more
Jul 19, 2020 13:57
Mercury is usually not visible to the naked eye, but if the sky is clear then it will be easily visible today,” astronomer RC Kapoor said. read more
Jul 03, 2020 00:23
The planet, called TOI-849b, orbits a star a bit smaller and cooler than the sun, located 730 light years from Earth. A light year is the distance light travels in a year, 5.9 trillion miles (9.5 trillion km). read more
Jun 29, 2020 17:15
“The newly detected planets are the best possibilities of all the known planets in close proximity to the sun to see if they have atmospheres and to study these atmospheres in detail,” astronomer Sandra Jeffers of the University of Göttingen in Germany said, to learn whether their conditions are “amenable for life.” read more
Jun 27, 2020 00:57
Europa’s ocean may have formed after water-rich minerals ejected their water thanks to heating caused by the decay of radioactive elements in its interior early in its history, the researchers found. read more
May 18, 2020 12:29
In the image of Jupiter processed by citizen scientist Gerald Eichstadt, long, thin streaks can be seen running through the centre of the image from top to bottom. The streaks are layers of haze particles that float above the underlying cloud features, says NASA. read more
May 09, 2020 16:02
Michael Wong, the lead researcher, said that the Gemini data were critical because they allowed us to probe deeply into Jupiter’s clouds on a regular schedule. read more
Apr 10, 2020 12:18
Sushant Singh Rajput, who has been stargazing through the lockdown period, shared a picture of planets Jupiter, Saturn and Mars together. Here’s what social media users think of it. read more
Dec 31, 2019 15:36
The age calculator also tells users when they can celebrate their next birthday on a different planet. read more
Nov 08, 2019 19:24
In what seems to be a move to engage with Gen Z and carry forward the series’ 60-year-old legacy, writer Jean-Yves Ferri and illustrator Didier Conrad created Adrenaline, a character that is nothing like the rest of the Gauls read more
Oct 08, 2019 13:43
A team from Carnegie Institute of Science has found 20 new moons orbiting Saturn, taking the total number of moons orbiting the planet to 82. Jupiter has 79 moons. read more
Sep 27, 2019 17:02
The star, called GJ 3512, is about 12% the size of our sun, while the planet that orbits it has a mass of at least about half of Jupiter, our solar system’s largest planet. read more