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Play Date

Turning a young child into an athlete and a sportsperson requires the right kind of fitness routine complemented with a regimen that can sharpen his or her game skills.

travel Updated: May 29, 2010 09:12 IST

Boys (Cricket)

Strength and fitness in the gym
10 mins: Warm up with rowing Circuit consisting of:
Jump squats: 12 x reps Push ups: 12-15 x reps
Crunches: 25 x reps with feet on Swiss ball
Pull ups: Normally between 5-10
Step-ups:Improve unilateral strength and stability of the ankle and knee

Rotator cuff work: Internal and external rotation with a very light (1 kg) dumbbell or even a cricket ball. This will strengthen the ligaments in the shoulder, which will aid throwing, and bowling Lower back extensions: 15-20 x reps on a Swiss ball

Batting practice for 75 minutes, broken up as:

15 mins: Warm up with jogging and dynamic movements such as rotations, lunges, arm swings 50 mins: Do batting specific drills for technique, timing, coordination, running between wickets, sliding your bat across the line as opposed to dropping it over the line
10 mins: Cool down and stretch

Swim or cycle followed by full body static stretching

Bowling and fielding practice for 90 minutes, broken up as:
15 mins: Warm up with jogging and dynamic flexibility exercises
30 mins: Bowling drills such as technique, aim, placement, grip of the ball
20 mins: Fielding specific drills such as catching, ground fielding, throwing to hit wickets directly, throwing to have the ball land in the keeper's gloves above the wickets
20 mins: Quick game, each batsman gets two overs to bat and tries to score as many runs as possible, if he gets out, you subtract two runs from his score each time
5 mins: Cool down and stretch

Complete rest and relaxation

SAturday: Match day

Rest or active recovery such as cycling or swimming.

Girls (Volleyball)
Practice for 75 minutes, broken up as:
10 mins: Warm up by jogging around the court a couple of times. Then do dynamic stretches such as ankle and knee rotations, walking lunges, torso rotations, shoulder swings, chest openers
15 mins: Circuit consisting of 20 x sit ups, 10 x push ups, 10 x squat jumps, 10 x shuttles of 10 m (sprinting a short distance, making a sharp turn and then sprinting back again). Complete the circuit 2-3 times along with sufficient water and rest breaks
20 mins: Practice skills such as serving, passing, setting, spikes
20 mins: Play a game. Split all players present into two teams and let them play (kids love playing their chosen sport so let them practice the game by actually playing it and the coach can then pick up weaknesses that need to be worked on)
10 mins: Cool down and stretch

Crosstrain. Start with cycling on a stationary bike, and follow it up with a swim and full body static stretches to relax the muscles and improve flexibility. If you don't have a bike, a gentle walk through a park or along the beach will do. This way you still get a cardio workout but you use different muscles than the ones used the previous day.

Practice for 75 minutes, following the same pattern as you did on Monday. Put more emphasis on match play positioning and skills instead of fitness, since you have a match the next day

Match Day

Do active recovery with swimming and deep stretches

Fitness and strength in the gym.
10 mins: Warm up with rowing
Step ups: 10 x reps. Step onto a box and back down with the same leg, going up first. Swap legs and repeat.
Standing shoulder press: 15x reps. Use a 5 kg medicine ball or 2 kg dumbbells in either hand. Make sure your form is correct and don't arch the back.
Crunches: 5 x reps
Lat pull downs: 15 x reps. Use light weight, focus on control
Walking lunges: 10 x reps for each leg. Ensure knee does not go over toes when stepping forward. Back knee must not touch the ground
Push ups: 10 x reps
Lower back extensions: 15 x reps on a Swiss ball. Aim for stability and control Complete the circuit 2-3 times and finish with a 15-20 minute jog and some deep stretching

Sunday: Complete rest and relaxation

First Published: May 29, 2010 09:12 IST