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Worried about bloating inflight and jet lag? Here’s what to do

US talk show host Dr Mehmet Oz gives simple tips to improve your flying experience. From avoiding greasy foods to combat bloating in-flight, to minimising jet lag by staying awake on the return flight, Oz reveals little-known facts.

travel Updated: Jul 27, 2017 11:55 IST
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If you’re travelling eastbound, try to condition your body clock by waking up earlier for a few days before your flight. (Shutterstock)

US talk show host Dr Mehmet Oz collaborated with Turkish Airlines for a Fly Good Feel Good project that aims to help improve the flying experience. To launch the partnership, Oz boarded a flight from Istanbul to New York over the weekend, offering tips and recommendations to the flight’s 300 passengers over the in-flight entertainment system. Here are a few of his tips on topics such as jet lag and travelling with children:

Try to book your flight during daylight hours. ( Shutterstock )

Jet lag

*When possible, try to book your arrival time during daylight hours.
*The day before your flight, set your watch to the local time of your destination.
* If you’re travelling eastbound, try to condition your body clock by waking up earlier for a few days before your flight. If you’re travelling west, go to bed a little later and sleep a little longer in the mornings.
* Eat light on the plane.
* Avoid caffeine, carbonated drinks and alcohol in-flight.
* Take a vitamin C supplement.
*Try to stay awake on your return flight and resist sleep when you arrive. Keep your normal bedtime routine .
*Once home, try a herbal tea to help with sleep.
*Avoid caffeine a minimum of five hours before going to bed.

Avoid dairy products like cheese before a flight as they may lead to bloating. ( Shutterstock )

Gas and bloating

*The list of foods to avoid is long if you want to avoid bloating in-flight. Here they are: carbs, salty foods, fruits, legumes and vegetables which are known to cause gas e.g. broccoli, beans, lentils, cabbage, dairy products like milk, cheese and yogurt, carbonated drinks and oily foods.
* Walk around the airport while waiting for your flight.
*Eat and drink slowly. Air enters the digestive system every time you swallow. Swallowing too much air can cause bloating.
* Try to take a walk every two hours.

Travelling with children

*Oz recommends waiting until your baby is at least one month old before flying.
*Try booking seats at the front of the aircraft. The reasoning? Boarding your flight last and deplaning first keeps the time you’re onboard the aircraft to a minimum.
*Try to coordinate your flight time with your child’s normal sleeping hours to ensure a smooth journey.
*Dress your kids in loose, comfortable clothing, and keep them hydrated throughout the flight.

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First Published: Jul 27, 2017 11:53 IST