The image shows the confused kitty.(Reddit)
The image shows the confused kitty.(Reddit)

Bamboozled cat discovers its ears on the mirror. Video is a giggle-fest

“What is this weird triangle thing on top of my head?!” joked a Reddit user while voicing the feline's probable thoughts.
By Srimoyee Chowdhury
PUBLISHED ON APR 20, 2021 07:41 PM IST

There’s no doubt that cat videos are some of funniest content available on the Internet for the goofy, silly and strange behaviour of the felines. And this Reddit video of a cat discovering its ears is the perfect addition to that category. The video may leave you laughing out loud.

“Cat discovers it has ears from looking in a mirror,” reads the caption shared alongside the clip. The video starts with a feline standing up to face a mirror. After a few moments it gets perplexed at the discovery of a new body part- its ears. We won’t spoil the fun so take a look at the video and be prepared to saw ‘aww’:

Shared on April 19, the clip has garnered over 22,400 upvotes and tons of reactions. People shared all kinds of comments from voicing the probable thoughts of the feline to describing the situation with a tinge of hilarity.

“WHY DID NOONE EVER TELL ME I WAS A CAT!” wrote one Reddit user. “What is this weird triangle thing on top of my head?!” joked another. “The cat probably: Have... Have those things always been there?” commented a third.

“That is some existential crisis,” pointed out a fourth.

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