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Car washer sprays rude customer with water after she throws drink at her. Watch viral video

ByTrisha Sengupta
Feb 17, 2024 01:07 PM IST

A video shared on X shows a driver throwing lemonade at a car washer. She instantly reacts and sprays the customer with water.

A video of a car washer spraying a driver with water was shared on social media. In the clip, the teen is seen spraying the driver in retaliation after having lemonade thrown at her.

The image, taken from a viral X video, shows a car washer's reaction to a rude customer. (X/@CollinRugg)
The image, taken from a viral X video, shows a car washer's reaction to a rude customer. (X/@CollinRugg)

X user Collin Rugg shared the video along with a post adding context to the video. “Teenager blasts woman with a pressurised hose at a car wash after the driver rolls her window down and throws a drink at her. Instant karma. The incident happened at an Indiana car wash while 18-year-old Anna Harycki was working,” Rugg wrote.

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He also added a quote from the teen who said, “I picked up the pressure washer and started spraying down their car. The girl rolled down her window and threw lemonade at me, and I was in shock”.

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“Harycki said her immediate 'reaction' was to just blast the driver with the water. The customer and her boyfriend were then banned from the car wash for life,” Rugg added and wrapped up the tweet.

In the video, a car washer is seen cleaning the exterior of a car using a hose. Within moments, the front window of the car rolls down and the driver throws lemonade at the washer. At this point, the car washer sprays the driver with water - without even a shed of hesitation. Right after, she continues her job of cleaning the car.

“I was loading the car like I did with so many cars before that, making sure they safely entered the car wash belt,” Harycki told What’sTheJam, reports the New York Post.

“Once I pulled the car in all the way, I put the numbers into the system so they got the car wash they paid for,” she added.

While talking about how her employer reacted to the situation she shared, “I told my managers, who were not OK with [the customer] throwing a drink at me. They decided to ban her and her boyfriend from the car wash”.

Take a look at this video of the car washer and the customer:

The video was posted on February 16. Since being posted, the share has accumulated more than 31 million views - and the numbers are only increasing. The share has also accumulated tons of comments.

How did X users react to this video of the car washer?

“How miserable do you have to be to throw a drink at a teenager doing her job?” posted an X user. “See, she even cleaned the interior of the car! Now, that’s service!” shared another.

“This is absolutely karma. People have no respect for others anymore and think it’s okay to act like this. This girl has every right to stand up for herself and the owner did the right thing by banning the customers for life. Many places would have fired the worker instead,” added a third.

“I like how she went right back to doing her job, she sprayed the lady back (well deserved) but still gave the lady what she paid for and went right back to work,” joined a fourth. “The most impressive part is that she kept cleaning the car after. Served justice and returned to work,” wrote a fifth.

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