Akshay Kumar is on a high

Actor designs own stunt, catapults himself up in the air from a crane as audience watches, amazed.Read on to know more.

tv Updated: Dec 12, 2010 16:22 IST
Hindustan Times

It’s no news that Akshay Kumar simply loves enacting dangerous stunts. Recently, Khiladi Kumar once again donned his action avatar. With an aerial act at the Zee Rishtey Awards, the actor took his fans’ breath away.

Thousands of viewers, who were watching the show live were left spellbound when Kumar jumped off the stage and flung himself into the crowd, pretending to escape from the police as part of his act.

The actor, who plays a conman in his next release Tees Maar Khan, ran from corner to corner on the stage hoping to escape while the police chased him. To everyone’s surprise, he suddenly caught a rope and catapulted himself thousands of metres up in the air, covering a 360-degree trajectory of the ground, while waving to the audience. He circled the grounds thrice, not once losing his balance, as he performed this death-defying stunt.

His own act
Needless to say, Kumar left everyone begging for more as he jumped off the rope at the end of the act and quietly slipped out of the venue. An insider revealed that the actor had himself choreographed the entire act — right from entry to exit — in just one hour. He even insisted on doing it without a harness. The production team waited with bated breath until the act ended successfully. Catch Kumar in action on December 19, 7 pm onwards, on Zee TV.

First Published: Dec 12, 2010 14:28 IST