Bigg Boss 13 day 85 written update episode 85 December 30: Sidharth fights with Rashami, Shehnaaz, Arti and Asim

Bigg Boss 13 day 85 written update episode 85 December 30: Sidharth Shukla was on a fighting spree on Monday’s episode. Here are the top highlights of the show from tonight.
It was only over the weekend that Sidharth Shukla and Asim Riaz had agreed not to fight anymore.
It was only over the weekend that Sidharth Shukla and Asim Riaz had agreed not to fight anymore.
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TV actor Sidharth Shukla, who has clearly had the maximum fights inside Bigg Boss 13, locked horns with not just his favourite rivals - Asim Riaz and Rashami Desai, he even fought with Shehnaaz Gill, who shares a rather sweet relationship with him, and old friend Arti Singh.

Here are all the top highlights from tonight’s episode:

The episode opened with Devoleena Bhattacharjee coming on the sets to bid goodbye to everyone. She said her view changed after she stepped out of the house. She also said she earlier felt Sidharth Shukla is impolite but now has realised he may have temper issues but he is not heartless. All he needs is a good friend, she added.

She also said Rashami is unable to vent out her feelings at the right place and it is hampering her behaviour. She also said Rashami is losing her track. Devoleena received a warm welcome inside the house.

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Devoleena then hosted her talk show, OMG with Devoleena. She called upon Rashami as the first guest and asked her if she had faked not knowing about Arhaan’s child. Rashami replied that Arhaan convinced her that he will prove his side once out of the house. Devoleena told her she should have waited for completing the show before proposing him. Devoleena also called up Shehnaaz and Paras-Mahira in two separate chats. Sidharth was also called upon.

Salman Khan then celebrated his birthday with Sunil Grover who came to the Bigg Boss stage as Salman’s wife.

Then Salman met housemates and assigned a task to them to make resolutions for others. Shehnaaz was asked and she said she will not “make a boyfriend” and will concentrate on her work.

Salman said he was on a drive with Govinda and someone abused them. Govinda then asked Salman to follow them and then stopped them to say, “Teri ma, meri maa. (Your mom is my mom).”

Asim said Sidharth should control his anger, take care of his health and remember “inki maa meri maa aur inki behen meri maa. (Your mom is my mom and your sister is my sister). ” Rashami said Mahira should use her words wisely. Arhaan said Sidharth should speak more politely with women.

Vishal wanted Rashami to talk clearly, with as much clarity as her thoughts and Salman made fun of the fact that he called Rashami’s thoughts clear. Madhurima said Arti should refrain from using friends and rather carry out her friendships well. Shehnaaz said Rashami should speak up about her relationship. Shefali Bagga wanted Rashami to be strong inside the house. Arti said Madhurima should concentrate on her relationship, instead of eyeing others’ behaviour. Shefali Jariwala said Madhurima should start waking up early.

Paras said Asim should motivate fans to keep their houses clean and Salman chided him saying that the resolution applied to him as well. When Paras tried to reason that he completes his duties, Salman quipped, “Mai hota to apne bed, bartan sab karta (If I were inside the house, I would have made up my bed, cleaned my own plates and glasses and even cleaned up for others, if he had some free time.

Mahira said Asim should also take care that he does not respond to Sidharth’s anger in equal measure and controls his anger. Sidharth said Shehnaaz should “switch on” her mind.

Salman then assigned yet another task that he claimed he ideated as a six-year-old kid. Each contestant would have to paint a co-housemate’s face whom they want to target to win the Bigg Boss trophy.

Mahira picked Paras while Paras painted Sidharth’s face. Shefali Jariwala painted Asim’s face. Arti picked Rashami and Shefali Bagga painted Paras’s face. Shehnaaz picked Paras and said it would be equal if Sidharth wins the trophy or she wins it. Madhurima painted Shehnaaz’s face and Vishal also picked Shehnaaz. Arhaan painted Asim’s face while Rashami also painted Asim’s face and Asim picked Rashami. Sidharth picked himself and claimed, “Mai trophy jitu ya nahi ye meri wajah se hi hoga (Whether I win or lose the show, it will be because of me alone).” Salman said that was the joke and Sidharth must give him the real answer. Then he picked Paras.

Sunny Leone also entered Bigg Boss 13 sets with a beautiful cake to celebrate Salman’s cake. She said the cake was for new years’, Salman’s newborn niece, his birthday and the success of Dabangg 3. She also tried Salman’s dialogue from Dabangg 3 and had everyone laughing. “Apne baccho se seekh rahi ho, (Are you learning all these antics from your children?)” Salman asked and she replied in the affirmative.

Salman then offered her macaroons and asked her to mouth words with a macaroon in her mouth. She has tough Hindi words like Ullanghan (disobeying) and Romanchak (adventurous) that bowled her over and made her lose the game. Sunny also enacted the famous dialogues of Sunny Deol – Dhai kilo ka haath and Tareekh pe Tareekh. Sunny also made Salman groove to her hit number, Baby Doll.

The caller of the week asked Sidharth why was he fighting with Rashami if he had already apologized to her. Sidharth said it was her confusion, adding that he simply ended the confusion and never apologised. He also said “humare beech me koi jhagda ya gaali galoj nahi hua hai. (We never had a fight or even a heated debate). He also claimed that Rashami was the one who instigated him and he never initiated fights inside the house.

Rashami again chipped in saying Sidharth often made creative changes to the script of the show they worked upon together, to which Sidharth said “Apko batau kab kab bani hai aur kya bana hai, bhool gai hain? (Should I tell you what all happened and when it happened? Have you forgotten it all?).”

Salman then announced Madhurima Tuli, Shefali Bagga and Arhaan had the lowest votes. Salman could not control his laughter and rolled on the floor as he announced that the eviction would happen at midnight and Bigg Boss would announce the name.

Soon as Salman left, Sidharth fought with Shehnaaz and asked her not to hold his hand. He then called Arti and asked “kaun se cans khulenge? (What cans did you say would open?)” He also shouted at Rashami that she keeps talking about stuff from their life outside the house. Arti insisted Rashami should keep quiet. Arhaan walked upto Sidharth and the two ended up fighting yet again.

Sidharth yelled at Arti who was trying to pacify him. Asim also intervened and asked Sidharth to keep quiet. Arti also went upto Rashami and then asked her to stop talking about the fight, old things and each other. Arti also asked her not to talk about her house or Sidharth. Sidharth then said, “Thakeli, peeche aati hai khud, Goa tak aphunch gait hi. Bakwaas karti hai (She follows me, came all the way to Goa!).” Arti requested him to stop talking about it all while Rashami began crying. “Do line set me yaad nahi rehti thi, aur set ki baat batau? (She could not remember her lines on the sets of our show and she wants to talk about what happened on the sets? Should I spill all the beans?,” Sidharth yelled infront of Arti, addressing Rashami.

Arti tried to stop Asim who also asked Sidharth and Rashami to stop fighting but she lost her calm. “Ladkiyo ki izzat ki baat karte hain, aisi ladkiyo ki izzat? (They talk about respecting women, respect for such women?)” Shehnaaz also yelled at Sidharth, asking him to calm down and not be instigated by Rashami. Sidharth also abused Rashami with words like “gandh se bhari hu aurat”.

Asim then went upto Rashami and Arhaan and asked them to calm down. Shehnaaz went upto to Asim to ask him to stay away from the fight, just like she was doing..

Vishal also went upto Arhaan and told him that he should either just hit Sidharth and get out of the house or ignore till the time that he can. Vishal tried his best to calm down both Rashami and Arhaan, asking him to stay with Rashami as she needed him.

Shehnaaz also said Sidharth should not use bad language but he yelled at her as well. “Wo poke karti hai tu ho jata hai,”

Then, Bigg Boss asked everyone to come out in the garden area and then they welcomed Sunny Leone and Sunil Grover. Bhangra Paa Le stars Sunny Kaushal and Rukhshar came to promote their film that will hit theatres on January 3. Salman announced he had the rights to the title Bhangra Paa Le and he gave it to Ramesh Taurani when he asked because he loves the producer. He wished everyone a happy new year as he bid goodbye.

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