Bigg Boss 14 written update day 24: Jaan Kumar Sanu loses cool, yells at Rahul Vaidya ‘I am not here because I am Kumar Sanu’s son’

Bigg Boss 14 written update day 24:The issue of nepotism was once again a major topic for debate as Rahul Vaidya and Jaan Kumar Sanu locked horns over it on Tuesday’s episode.
Bigg Boss 14 written update day 24: Jaan Kumar Sanu shouts ‘I am here because I am Rita Bhattacharjya’s son.
Bigg Boss 14 written update day 24: Jaan Kumar Sanu shouts ‘I am here because I am Rita Bhattacharjya’s son.
Updated on Oct 28, 2020 12:37 AM IST
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Tuesday’s episode of Bigg Boss 14 exposed new sides of the contestants as Jasmin Bhasin was seen throwing a fit during a task. The issue of nepotism was once again brought up as Rahul Vaidya and Jaan Kumar Sanu locked horns over it once again. On the lighter side of events, Pavitra Punia was seen confessing her feelings for Eijaz Khan.

The episode began with Rahul and Jaan arguing. Rahul told Jaan “Ladki mat ban (Do not behave like a girl).” Several others in the house also slammed Rahul for the comment.

Soon, Jaan was seen jokingly saying, “Mujhe riyaz karne ki jarurat nahi. Pata hai kyu (I do not need to practise my music, do you know why?) Rubina? Nepotism !” New wild card contestant Shardul Pandit was seen trying to explain to Rahul why he was wrong in digging up Kumar Sanu’s name during his fights with Jaan. However, Rahul refused to see reason.

Wild card entries Kavita Kaushik and Shardul had a heated argument when the housemates were supposed to vacate the house for sanitisation and Kavita was given the message to ensure everyone is out of the house and the food is all covered.

Jasmin tried to pacify things and asked Shardul to be a little calmer. She also tried to calm down Kavita but she said she often controls her anger but cannot stay quiet when Bigg Boss is insulted.

In another violent incident, Rahul told Jaan that he is not his father and the Bengali singer got angry. “Teri aukat nahi hai, tu koi nahi (You are no one. You do not qualify to talk about my father).” Everyone stopped the duo from getting physical as Jaan yelled, “Mai 6 maheene ka tha jab separation hua mere parents ka, Ye mere baap pe bolta hai (I was just six months old when my parents got separated).” Nikki then asked Rahul not to mention Kumar Sanu’s name, adding that he knows the full story. Rahul, however, said he will do whatever he wishes.

An angry Jaan was also seen yelling, “Mai idhar islye nahi hu ki Kumar Sanu ka beta hu mai isliye aya kyuki mai Rita Bhattacharya ka beta hoon (I am not here because I am the son of Kumar Sanu, I am here because I am the son of Rita Bhattacharya).”

In the red zone, Jaan and Nikki joked that Pavitra and Eijaz looked like a married couple. Pavitra then said she certainly had attachment (with Eijaz). “Mujhe raat bhar lag raha tha Eijaz k paas jaa k let jaau (The night before Eijaz went to the green zone, I kept feeling like going to Eijaz and lying by his side and I could not sleep). I am attached, of course. I know he is also attached..We don’t accept and perhaps wont ever but,”Pavitra told them.

Next morning, Eijaz went up to Nishant Singh Malkhani,Rubina and Abhinav Shukla asking everyone to ensure that bottles of all products must be placed carefully in the bathroom area. Eijaz also mentioned that people were being careless with the products as it all came for free in the Bigg Boss house.

After discussing the same with Rubina and Abhinav, Nishant went up to Eijaz and told him that the “muft” comment was below the belt. Eijaz said he knew it was and that was the reason why he said it. Moments later, Kavita was also seen asking Eijaz to not to mention his duties all the time. Eijaz responded that at home, he would always complete a task and inform his father so that he does not get the blame if his brother (Imran) messes something up. Kavita then smiled and asked him to grow up and stop telling everyone about each of his duties.

Bigg Boss then announced the new captaincy task BB World Tour wherein everyone would go on a world tour and save their own travel bags. Those in red zone would try to snatch travel bags and ensure that the right person is chosen as the captain. The person who manages to keep his/her bag with them, gets to win the task and become the new captain.

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During the task, Naina fell down after Nikki pulled her bag. Soon, Rahul was seen pulling Jasmin down even as she began crying and yelling. Jasmin kept claiming that Rahul was intimidating her with his physical strength.

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