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Bigg Boss 7: Armaan glum, Aijaz turns entertainer

While the hot-headed Armaan Kohli feels bad about mistreating Sofia, Aijaz and Kushal have a brief fight. Bigg Boss decides to end the gloom by assigning Andy a secret task.

tv Updated: Dec 06, 2013 19:03 IST
Bigg Boss 7,Armaan Kohli,Tanisha Mukheri

Armaan Kohli is known to pick fights at the drop of a hat. So what happened when the recent victim of his short temper, Sofia Hayat shed tears? Well, Armaan felt a strong urge to apologise to her.

While he sat dejected, Tanisha hugged him and tried to calm him down. Armaan, however, warned the actor to stay away from him because of the cameras.

Moving to the other corner of the house, there's a twist in the equation shared by Aijaz and Kushal once again. The new buddies who bonded during the luxury budget task (Bigg Boss Ki Toy Factory) fought over a toy.

Aijaz had stolen a toy during the task for his daughter. Kushal found out about the same and confronted Aijaz. What happened after that was really interesting. Aijaz blackmailed Kushal saying he would share his 'secret' with Gauhar. Needless to say, Gauhar was shocked and demanded a reply from Kushal. What will happen next? Keep guessing.

Bigg Boss clearly sensed the gloomy atmosphere in the house. That's probably why he called Andy to the confession room and assigned him a secret task. Andy and Aijaz are supposed to perform the task together.

Bigg Boss' trick seemed to work, as the atmosphere in the house soon turned from gloomy to cheerful. Aijaz and Andy together entertained all by taking potshots at the housemates. Armaan and Tanisha were compared to Big B-Jaya. Aijaz not only spoofed Armaan's anger but also made fun of his own habit of talking to the cameras.

Housemates, especially Armaan-Tanisha praised Aijaz's entertainer avatar.

Bigg Boss later called Andy to the confession room to congratulate him for a job well done and also informed him about the birthday celebrations of Sofia the next say.

So finally, Armaan has a chance to apologise to Sofia. But the question is will Sofia forgive Armaan. That's something we all are waiting for.

First Published: Dec 06, 2013 18:56 IST