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Bigg Boss 8: Gautam Gulati, Praneet Bhatt now play Deepshikha's slaves

Gautam Gulati is ready to do whatever it takes to curry favours with rest of the Bigg Boss house inmates: Since his fracas with Karishma, he is the first and unanimous choice to be Deepshikha's permanent slave! Praneet too is chosen to be on his side throughout.

tv Updated: Oct 01, 2014 16:45 IST
Hindustan Times

The drama inside the Bigg Boss house is now unfolding, and the deep fissures among the inmates just threatens to blow everybody else aside. For now, it's the fight between Preetam's and Deepshikha's teams that's keeping everybody on the tenterhook.

For now, Deepshikha's team is the one that has gained access to the Bigg Boss house, but obviously Sony and Sukirti are blaming their team's loss to Karishma's attitude. They even complain that while they stood up for Karishma in her fight against Gautam, but she didn't do anything to reciprocate their largesse.

In the meantime, Bigg Boss shocks everyone when he announces that Preetam’s team need to behave like slaves to Deepshika’s team until they win the next task if they wanted to stay inside the house. He adds that two members of the team need to be nominated to play the role of permanent slaves in the house.

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Gautam Gulati, who has been facing indifference and boycott from the contestants ever since he abused Karishma, is the first and unianimous choice. Praneet is also chosen to be the other permanent slave.

Earlier in the day, Puneet Issar narrates his Coolie incident with Amitabh Bachchan. "I had to pick Mr Bachchan and throw him to one side. And once he comes back I had to punch him in the stomach. We did four-five rehearsals which went fine. After that we started shooting. I picked up Amitji and threw him to one side, he lost balance and came forward. At the same time I had to punch him in the stomach. As he lost balance he came forward with full force and I punched him in the stomach. He collapsed. That's when I got really scared. He was hurt badly. I was accussed of trying to kill the national hero and I had suddenly become the national villian!"

"Later when Amitji recovered, he addressed the media and said that it was not my fault. But people didn't accept. I was thrown out of 7-8 films and for 6 years I had no work," Puneet adds.

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Meanwhile, the contestants seem to be having troubles with Deepshikha. They feel that she is assuming she is the captain of the house and forgetting the fact that she was at the helm only for one task. Karishma tells Deepshikha, "You were assigned as the Captain just for one task and we have won the task and finally entered the house also. So let's not treat you as a captain till Bigg Boss' next message." However, after some discussions, her teammates decide to treat Deepshikha as the captain and ask her to assign duties. Deepshikha then divides duties inside the house.

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