Bigg Boss 9: Keith and Rochelle start crying, will they survive?
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Bigg Boss 9: Keith and Rochelle start crying, will they survive?

We see Keith shed tears for the hardships his girlfriend Rochelle is made to face.

tv Updated: Jan 07, 2016 17:15 IST
HT Correspondent
HT Correspondent
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Rochelle started crying when Keith told her that she was breaking rules.(Colors)

As the Bigg Boss 9 finale inches closer, things are clearly heating up inside the house. On Wednesday’s episode, we saw Keith shed tears for the hardships his girlfriend Rochelle was made to face and on the other hand, Rishabh was accused of kicking Mandana’s head! And Rochelle started crying when Keith, the task’s moderator declared Prince, Kishwar and Mandana as winners, leaving her out!

During the task, Rishabh kicked Mandana while she tried to take sand out of his funnel and when she complained, even Keith, the moderator of the task took Rishabh’s side. When she complained that Rishabh kicked her, Keith said, “Mandana, aap isse bahut jyada violent hote ho. Aap to baat na hi karein.” Rochelle, who was a witness, also took Rishabh’s side and says he did not hit her. This irked Mandana and she further attacked Rochelle.

When Rishabh’s leg hit Mandana, she accused him of kicking her deliberately. (Colors)

After the task gets over, all the housemates commended Rochelle’s fighter’s spirit. Her boyfriend Keith felt bad about her for having to bear all the pain and attacks during the task and started crying. Not only Keith, but Kishwer - who looked genuinely upset over Rochelle’s state, shed a few tears. Even Prince told Rochelle that she deserves to reach the finale!

After the task was over, even Keith broke down and lamented the hardships his girlfriend had to face for the game. (Colors)

While cooking breakfast, all the housemates told Priya that she was being very aggressive during the ‘Ticket to finale’ task but she replied Keith was the moderator for the task and did not say she was violent. Even Rishabh agreed that she was not being violent, Priya added.

Priya and Prince during the task. (Colors)

Prince and Rishabh are the new partners-in-crime inside the Bigg Boss house or so it would seem. The duo was seen plotting against the rest of the contestants. They even had an agreement that they won’t target each other from now on. In an interesting turn of events, Prince later plotted with Mandana, Kishwer and Rochelle against Rishabh.

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Priya, meanwhile, continued to fight with one and all in the house. When Prince asked her to take sand out of Rishabh’s funnel, she was furious and started fighting with him. She told him that she will do what she wants and noone can dictate her. She also had a heated discussion with Kishwar over Rochelle.

Rishabh and Rochelle during the sand-funnel task. (Colors)

When Priya attacks Kishwer, Prince immediately comes to her rescue and asks her to tighten her lever with the help of bolts and nuts. When Priya gets aggressive, Mandana hints at how they should take the task in their stride and not get aggressive. Kishwer says that she will use her group the duo, (Kishwar and Prince) and loyalty to their benefit and win the game and challenges.

Kishwer also cried on seeing how Rochelle had suffered. (Colors)

Later, Prince blamed Priya for getting personal during tasks. He also picked up Priya and forced her to stay away from his funnel. In the next stage of the game, the contestants were required to leave their levers open and allow the sand to leave the container but at the same time, keep filling the container from the top. The three contestants with the most amount of sand in their container get the access to the next stage of the task.

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Finally, Prince, Kishwar and Mandana win the ticket to finale task and enter the second round.

Stay tuned for the latest updates from Bigg Boss 9 house. Catch all the drama at 10:30pm tonight on COLORS.

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First Published: Jan 06, 2016 19:36 IST