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Can you dare to date?

Dare 2 Date is an anti-romance, anti-mush series where VJ Andy plays both Cupid and Devil and pairs together two people who are complete opposites. Here're three participants relating their nightmarish dates.

tv Updated: Feb 14, 2010 15:55 IST

Dare 2 Date is an anti-romance, anti-mush series where VJ Andy plays both Cupid and Devil and pairs together two people who are complete opposites. Here're three participants relating their nightmarish dates.

I’m metrosexual and fashionable’

Mohit Arora: Please don’t wear a black dress and take him to a park. No need to be too educated either… meet this ‘super cool’ guy, who’s too sexy for his shoes

My date on the show turned out to be a disaster, but I’d still go for a show like this, simply because it’s a lot of fun. You’re showered with surprises every moment.

The funniest moment, I remember, was when I told Kusum (my date on the show) to catwalk with her bi**h (her puppy). Man... it was so hilarious! People started recognising me after that and a few of them even told me: “Dude, you have ba**s!” Well, some people also told me that I was rude to her. But most agreed that it was a really cool thing to do on national television.

Kusum went for a makeover for me. But I don’t think any girl would ask for my makeover. It’s not required. I’m a metrosexual guy and I have a very good sense of fashion. So, I don’t see a reason why I should need to change how I look. But yes, if the girl is into salsa and all, I wouldn’t mind going to a class and learning salsa for her.

I just went through a major break-up and I’m just looking to date for time pass. I’m not going to get into a committed relationship right now. But that doesn’t mean I’m not romantic. My idea of a perfect date is starting the day by dropping in at a coffee shop, going to a spa together, catching a movie, going for lunch, a long drive and a perfect end to the day with a candlelight dinner somewhere nice.

I don’t want a very pretty girl, like a Barbie doll. I’d like my girl to be a little dusky, have a great figure, be well spoken and be fashion-conscious. A highly educated girl is a no-no for me, because I’m not too well educated myself. She shouldn’t be very rich either. I have to be able to afford her, yaar!

Lastly, she should have some brains and be supportive.

Oh, I forgot to mention, if she has a dog, she could keep it inside the house. I won’t go out with even the hottest girl if she decides to bring her puppy along on a date with me. Sorry!

‘I wanted to see how good I look on TV’
Kapil Arora: This dude is always on the lookout for five minutes of fame, to make it big. He thinks he’s really funny and his date should match up too

Dare to Date was an awesome platform for me. ‘Isse achcha popular hone ka aur koi tarika hain hi nahin, yaar!’ My date Ankita asked me, why I had come to the show, and I told her that I just wanted to be famous and see how good I look on TV. That’s about it.

She even said that I could have been a showbiz guy. Once I went out with a girl who seemed to have fallen head over heels in love with me. On our second date, she decided to reveal her feelings through her Mummy! She got her mom along to the movie and told her to convince me to get
married to her.

The weirdest thing I’ve ever done is dropping a girl, I was dating, off my car midway. I just sped off with my car when she stepped out to buy some chewing gums. Because I was grossed out that she hadn’t waxed and was more hairy than I am! Eww!

I later apologised to her because I was really rude but well... I couldn’t help what I did. I can’t express emotions in a mushy manner. But I’m a funny guy and would want my girl to be funny too. She has to be able to make me laugh. She has to be aware of what’s happening around... ‘Usko daal, chawal ka bhao pata hona chahiye’.

And of course, she has to be pretty... ‘Pehle toh chehra hi dekhte hain log’.

‘Don’t be a loudmouth’

Alisha Walia: A fashionista and a TV actor from Chandigarh, she will hate you if you take her for a ride on a tractor. She’d much rather be on the dance floor

I went to the show only because it was Channel [V] and the crew was really nice. What I found really weird was when I and this other girl, Malvika, were on a date in the final episode. She was trying to copy me all throughout. She was such a loudmouth and pretended to be all Barbie doll-type!

The other funny experience was when Aman took me on a date in an open bus. He then took me to a khet and kept forcing me to drink lassi.

It could be kept simple, you know… You don’t need an open double-deck bus to impress a girl. Just be well mannered, soft spoken and get some flowers for her. Don’t use corny pick-up lines when you are gifting her a heart-shaped chocolate box. Not only did he start singing and doing weird things, his pronunciations were also so funny! It’s okay that he did those things, but he could have reserved his antics for his type of girl. I’m sorry, but a turbaned sardar is not my cup of tea. But I have learnt from my mistakes on the show. I would never again make fun of a guy on a date.

But I do have my ideas of an ideal date. He should have a sense of humour and be honest. He doesn’t have to be rich, but he has to be responsible and well educated… and should take pains to dress well. And no loudmouths please!

- As told to Jayeeta Mazumder