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Saturday, Aug 17, 2019

Daredevil season 2 episode 7-13 reviews: Keeps you hooked till the end

While the first season did lose us with an episode or two towards the end, this time around, you’ll be hooked to the screen throughout.

tv Updated: Mar 20, 2016 16:19 IST
Soumya Srivastava
Soumya Srivastava
Hindustan Times
The season 2 of Daredevil is bigger and better than season 1. (Netflix)
The season 2 of Daredevil is bigger and better than season 1. (Netflix)( )

After season 1, it is a feat in itself that Marvel’s Daredevil Season 2 has not only made the fans happy but actually managed to be even better than the first season. The hit series returned on Netflix on Friday and made for a perfect weekend binge for us.

While the first season did lose us with an episode or two towards the end, this time around, you’ll be hooked to the screen throughout. The fights are gorier, the characters have been developed so much better and the story is a lot more complicated than before. It will be rather tough for Marvel to top this next season, something we cannot wait to watch.

This time, not just the action (which is obviously the best there is on TV) but the characters will want you to keep watching. Foggy’s monologues, Punisher’s reflections of his past, Elektra and Matt’s twisted tale and Karen. Karen (Deborah Ann Woll) has emerged as the best character in this season and we are comparing her with Punisher (Jon Bernthal) and Matt (Charlie Cox). Her relationship with Matt, Frank and even the New York Bulletin editor Ellison were the highlights of the season.

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The season finale was almost perfect. It tied up a lot of loose threads, gave birth to something to look forward to next season and something to be scared of. And don’t for once think that you can watch this season without having watched the first. Trust us on this one, you wouldn’t want to miss the amazing twists.

This following reviews are riddled with spoilers. Tread carefully.

For a spoiler-free review and reactions to episode 1-6, click here.

Episode 7

All the central characters are evolved by Episode 7.

What’s in the goddamn hole?! What are the Japanese digging up? What are their intensions? Why does Elektra still look so shady to me? At this point, I am more than certain that it is her behind all this and the gullible Matt is falling in her trap. But I don’t expect the creators to be so predictable either.

Here’s hoping we get the finale we deserve.

Halfway through the season and we can still stay that this time around, all the central characters have been given their due. Foggy is nailing it in the courtroom and it is turning out to be a far better lawyer than Matt. Karen is not ‘just a secretary anymore’ either. She has a voice and opinions and she is carrying out her own mission to find out the truth about Frank’s family’s murder. And Matt, well he is just so caught up in what is happening on the outside with Elektra making things hard for him, Frank’s trial and his love for Karen, that his character itself is experiencing no change. How different is he since the season began? Not different at all.

PS Did we really need those loud, menacing noises in the first few second of the episode where Frank walks in? He isn’t a villain in our eyes anymore and he isn’t frightful or scary either.

Episode 8

Elektra looks twisted beyond repair in episode 8.

While watching the episode, I made a mental note to myself that will start by writing ‘Stick is back!’ but now it seems secondary considering who else is back. Who? Only Wilson Fisk, the greatest television villain of all time. Maybe the producers too realised that no matter what they do, they will ever be able to top Fisk in any season.

But even now, I think this is just a cameo. He will play a crucial role in what happens to Frank but it will be for a very short period of time because he is still in jail and though he still has a few corrupt officers at his disposal, there is only so much that he will be able to do.

And yes, that whole bit by Stick about the immortals and The Chaste sounds like a bunch of floof right now but what Elektra did at the end was not floofy at all. Something is seriously wrong with that woman and she currently looks twisted beyond repair.

Whatever was that hole though?

Episode 9

One of the best action scenes of the series features in episode 9.

Before anything else, I have to talk about those seven minutes. That has to be the best action scene of the series. That was gory and brutal even by Daredevil standards but was still performed so brilliantly. And what’s weird is that the best Daredevil action scene has nothing to do with Daredevil himself.

Also, I might have to eat my words about Fisk being there for a cameo. Right now he looks like the biggest evil facing New York, apart from that Hand business that I don’t fully understand. Being in jail seems to have done him no good and he was out gathering an army the moment he set foot behind bars. He more or less owns the prison.

More importantly, how is Nobu still alive? Is all that ‘floof’ about immortality true?

Episode 10

You get to travel the zombieland in episode 10.

Excuse me but did I just watch Walking Dead? Why are there zombies in Daredevil? Whatever they maybe, I can’t wait for the next episode. With Nelson and the half-dead kids in the hospital with Claire, Karen and Frank united, and Matt about to fight with more than a dozen ninjas, it is an exciting time to be alive.

And that bit, we have to talk about that bit with Fisk and Matt. Matt walked in, all sassy, said all the things he shouldn’t have about the one thing that matters to Fisk, Vanessa. For a moment there I actually thought that maybe he has intimidated Fisk. That was until Fisk decided to bang Matt’s face twice on to the table and show him in the right direction. “When I get out, I will dismantle the lives of the two amateurs that put me in here.” Whoo! If I were Matt and Foggy, I would never want a season 3.

Episode 11

Will Elektra kill Stick?

There is something about Stick. Every time he is in frame, it feels like this scene should be cited as an example in film school textbooks. I am trying to remember the best parts from this episode but all that is coming to me is Stick with his whetstone, rubbing the sword on it, preparing for a fight against his own student but a student he wanted killed.

And once again, something I was so excited about turned out to be a dud. I am talking about the inevitable fight at the hospital which ended even before the opening credits rolled up. And then I thought that maybe we will get to see Matt and Frank fight side by side at the pier but even that didn’t happen. Well it is just two more episodes to go and it is bound to happen sooner or later.

What I can predict to happen is that Elektra will kill Stick, Frank would still be alive and maybe the three of them will join forces to take down the Hand and Blacksmith, whoever they are.

Episode 12

The secret around the chosen one unfolds in episode 12.

When I said I was hoping the writers to not be so predictable, I didn’t have this in mind either. Elektra is Black Sky? She’s the chosen one? Mmmm no, not really buying it. Frankly, the younger version of her was fighting far better than the grown up. Maybe the girl should’ve mellowed down a bit.

Another disappointment was the Colonel. If he was really so brilliant that was running the biggest heroine cartel in New York, how could he have screwed up their mission and lost an arm all those years ago? And that bit in the courtroom was so perfect in itself--short but with a great twist at the end-- I thought that they would just let this be.

That bit where Stick helps Matt find a way to beat the ninjas and finally kick Nobu’s ass so quickly was impressive. And yea, I was proven wrong, there was still some good left in Elektra that didn’t let her kill Stick.

Now, the finale.

Episode 13

Episode 13 is a fitting finale to a fantastic season 2 of Daredevil.

The best finales always have every central character coming together, the story coming full circle, someone important dying, a birth of a new story, tying loose ends and a tease of something unfinished, something that will cause a lot of trouble the next time we meet. Daredevil had each of these things and is therefore one of the best season finale on TV.

Matt, Elektra fought the Hand and it’s ninjas and while Matt may himself not kill anyone, he seemed more than happy to have Elektra and Frank help him out in that department. Stick helped a tonne by actually slicing Nobu in two because no one can really handle another season of him. The final fight was not the best of the season but it stood out the way Frank came to Matt’s aide at the last moment. Elektra died but as we now know, that may not have been the last we have seen of her. And that’s a good thing because she has been one of the best female action characters we have seen in a long, long while-TV or movies.

Punisher finally dons his skull vest and the long coat, burns up his house and is perhaps looking at a spin-off series of his own. We will watch the hell out of it after that prison massacre in episode 9.

Remember how the first scene of this season was Matt trying to listen to a host of random noises but he could hear each one of them and be where he needs to be? In the last episode, he was again trying to listen but was unable to until Elektra helped him. Matt has learnt so many things this time, not just hearing ninja breaths but also killing one. He let Nobu out of his grip, letting him die essentially. Whether he knew he would anyway come back from the dead or not is up for debate but that makes us think, maybe Matt does think now that some villains don’t need a second chance.

It was a season that kept me hooked for a weekend straight and very few series can do so. But that’s what I had always expected from Daredevil.

The author tweets at Twitter/@soumya1405

First Published: Mar 20, 2016 16:18 IST

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