Entourage movie is just a rumour: Dillon
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Entourage movie is just a rumour: Dillon

Kevin Dillon, star of the American dramedy series, Entourage, gives us inside dope on the series, his character and much more. Read on to find all about Dillon and Entourage.

tv Updated: Oct 19, 2010 19:24 IST
Nikhil Taneja
Nikhil Taneja
Hindustan Times

Creators of the long-running cult American dramedy series, Entourage, have already announced that the show will wrap up after one last season in summer 2011. Ever since, fan sites on the Internet have been abuzz with news that an Entourage movie will follow, with the series creator, Doug Ellin, reportedly already penning its script.

But in his first-ever India interview, Entourage star Kevin Dillon, who plays the much-loved, fan-favourite character of Johnny ‘Drama’ Chase on the show, dismisses the talk as “rumours”. Says Dillon, “I’d love for the movie to happen, and all the guys and I would be up for it, but I won’t believe that there’s a movie until I see a script.” “I’ve still got my fingers crossed. It’ll be great to have an unlimited budget to do what we want in a movie. Right now though, it’s just a rumour.”

Dillon, who has been nominated for three Primetime Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe Award for his performance on the show, says that he’s “busted” that it’s coming to an end. “It’s going to be a sad day when we shoot the final episode,” Dillon says.

“It’s definitely going to be tough. I’m going to miss the guys at work; we all have such a great relationship. Most of all, I’m going to miss playing Drama. A character like that doesn’t come along that often. He has so many issues (chuckles) and that’s made him so much fun to play.”

But Dillon, who’s surprised to know about Entourage’s massive fan following in India, takes heart in the fact that there’s still one more season left to shoot, and in the time leading up to it, he plans to make a trip to India. “I’ve been dying to go to India, especially to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. I’ve also heard Bollywood town’s a lot of fun!” he says.

And while he’s here, he says he’ll be checking out some Bollywood films too. “I’ve seen a few of them, the beautiful girls in their colourful dresses and the great dance sequences,” he says. “It would be fun to do a movie there!”

‘I’m lucky to have got to play Johnny Drama’

The guys in Entourage live a life every guy dreams of. Is it that much fun in real life too?

(Chuckles) Yeah, it kind of is, actually! I guess a lot of it comes with fame and money, but I think it’s all about friendship. If you have great buddies in Hollywood, you’ll have as much fun going out as we do on the show. And I’m sure even Bollywood’s as much fun with the right people, you know?

The show also stars a lot of beautiful women, especially Emmanuelle Chriqui. Do you get distracted on the sets?

(Laughs) Well yeah, she is a very beautiful girl. She’s also really sweet . And you know, it does get a little bit distracting. It’s one of the real plusses of the show – the extras and background girls are gorgeous. But there are really pretty girls in agencies and nightclubs in LA too. (Chuckles) Maybe it’s just a little more so on our show.

Your character, Johnny Drama, has some outrageous story lines. Have any of them been inspired from your real life?

(Laughs) You know, everything that happens on Entourage, does happen in Hollywood. Personally though, I’ve passed a few ideas on to the writers. Like the writers turned my idea of Drama and Turtle battling it out for a girl into an entire script. But you know, we shot one scene that I wish was from my real life. Drama had a meltdown when during one audition, the casting guys answered their phones. And he’s actually become kind of a hero for a lot of aspiring actors for that scene. (Laughs) I’ve never had the guts to do that.

Drama also gets abused a lot on the show. Have you always been cool with that?

(Chuckles) Yeah, we all abuse each other on the show, but Drama, being the oldest, gets picked on the most. But that’s part of the character. It makes people root for him! Each time he gets abused or fails, people want him to succeed even more.

Entourage wraps up next year. Is there a way you’d like Drama’s story to end?

Yeah, I always thought that a fitting end would be Johnny Drama winning an award. That would have been the ultimate ‘victory’ for him. But I don’t think it’s going to happen. I do think you’ll see a lot more of Johnny’s Bananas in the last season, though.

The ‘victory’ catchphrase and the fictional show, Viking Quest, have caught with fans. Do you think a Johnny Drama spin-off or a Viking Quest comic book could happen?

Yeah, I think they could very, very easily spin off Johnny Drama. I mean, I would definitely be interested. And if it happened, maybe we could bring back Turtle as his buddy and Vince and the other guys could have cameos. (Chuckles) We could keep Entourage alive that way. A Viking Quest comic book would be funny. I’ve actually heard so many people scream ‘victory!’, even on TV, and I always love seeing that! And you know, I’ve always thought it would be hilarious if we shot some footage of the show with poor production values, and show it on Entourage.

So what are your plans once Entourage ends?

I’ve done a lot of movies before Entourage and I hope to always have my movie career going. Maybe I could take on another TV show too. But like I said, (chuckles) it’s going to be a sad day when Johnny Drama bids farewell. A lot of actors would’ve loved to play the role, and I really think that I’m a lucky actor to have got to play such a brilliant character.

Kevin Dillon unravelled

Traits that you’ve lent to the character

Drama’s got a lot of heart, and I’ve got a lot of that too (Laughs). He’s also very persistent, and I think I’m that way too. Drama doesn’t give up, and that’s what I love about him. (Chuckles) But of course, he’s got a lot of bad qualities too. He’s got a huge ego and he’s very insecure. I don’t think I’m that way.

Traits you’ve picked up from the character

(Chuckles) Yeah, I’ve started saying ‘Hey bro!’ a lot now. That’s a Johnny Drama thing – it was written for him. I’ve also learnt how to cook, because Drama’s a great cook and it needed to look like I knew what I was doing in the kitchen. And I’ve actually gotten better at it. I’ve also learnt to play ping-pong. I’ve actually got to learn a lot of fun things because of Drama.

Something you do that Drama wouldn’t
Drama hates Malibu. In season 2, he ranted about how it’s too far and has too much traffic. I actually ended up living in Malibu!

Something Drama’s done you couldn’t imagine doing

(Laughs) He’s had to sneak into the Playboy mansion because he wasn’t allowed. I get to walk into it now (laughs more). And of course, the way he explodes and has meltdowns all the time. He’s self-destructive – every time things are going great for him, he manages to ruin them. But that’s why it’s so much fun to play him.

Qualities of Drama you wish you had
I love how he never quits. He gets knocked down but each time, he gets back on his feet and keeps trying, no matter how bad things get. He’s also very loyal and protective of his friends and his brother, Vince. He’d do anything for them. So even though he does these crazy things, it’s his heart that makes him likeable. Though I’d like to think I have these qualities also (laughs).

First Published: Oct 18, 2010 12:43 IST