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'I am not a romantic off-screen'

Actor Rohit Roy shares with Shameem Khan his views on acting in television.
None | By Shameem Khan (HT Cafe), Mumbai
UPDATED ON MAR 27, 2007 06:04 PM IST

The actor, who had said he would quit television, is still a part of Ravi Chopra’s Viraasat (Star One). According to Rohit Roy, “I’ve been lucky because I have played author-backed roles in all my shows —be it Sarrkar or Viraasat. But I will admit that male actors are becoming decorative objects on television.”

Does than imply an untimely exit from Viraasat? Answer: “I believe quitters never win and winners never quit. So there’s no question of leaving the show. In fact, Ravi Chopra was asked the same question when I announced that I was quitting television. But he needn’t worry.” He adds, “Now with a new track being introduced between Sangeeta Ghosh and myself, there’s going to be more excitement. I get to play a romantic guy."

"Contrary to popular belief, I am not a romantic person off-screen. So it’s a big challenge to actually look into the Sangeeta’s eyes and mouth romantic dialogue.”

Why has he quit other TV assignments? He replies,“I’ve been working for almost eight years in television. The last few daily soaps I did required a lot of time and energy.

“I lost out on quite a few good films because I had no dates. On the flipside, I can’t leave my television producers in a lurch by taking on film assignments. So I decided to take the onus on myself and quit television to concentrate on films.”

Right now, Roy is looking forward to the release of his movies Delhi Heights and Shoot Out at Lokhandwala.Dus Kahaaniyan and Gubbare are under production. But I’m really keeping my fingers crossed about Sanjay Gupta’s Alibag. It’s the story of nine friends who are thrown together and faced with a provocative situation. It’s semi-autobiographical. Unlike Sanjay’s action flicks, the film doesn’t have a single fistfight,” he ends.

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