I haven’t faded away into obscurity like many others: Samir Soni

Parichay actor Samir Soni feels he has done all kinds of projects from ads, films, TV, theatre, web series and even directed a film. He is happy that he is still relevant today unlike many of his peers.

tv Updated: Nov 17, 2016 08:01 IST
Kavita Awaasthi
Kavita Awaasthi
Hindustan Times
Samir Soni,Ekta Kapoor,Vikram Bhatt
Parichay actor Samir Soni is happy that he is still relevant today unlike many of his peers.

Samir Soni is happy with the graph of his career. Having started his career with TV show A Mouthful of Sky (1996) and film China Gate (1998), the actor is grateful for the opportunities he has had in his 21-year-old career. “I can die peacefully now as I have done everything,” he quips.

Samir adds, “I have done all kinds of projects from music videos, ads, many Hindi films, one English film, TV shows and been part of theatre with my play being the longest running play in Mumbai. Now, I am working on a web series and have even written a script and directed a film. I am excited about the web series for Ekta Kapoor and a TV show for Vikram Bhatt, which is a remake of a Turkish show.”

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Samir is confounded that invariably he is cast as a suave, rich guy who wears a suit. “I don’t know why that is? Perhaps the fact, that I was an investment banker before I became an actor and got stuck with this image due to herd mentality. There is a pattern to casting me, I might play a positive or negative character but my character is always the good-looking guy. It can get a bit annoying,” he says with a laugh.

The Parichay actor is looking forward to the web series as he feels he will experience a different audience. He says his approach to work has always been the same but he feels “nice to be wanted even today”. He says, “After 20 years, I am still around. I am relevant even today unlike many others. I am happy that I am still getting central roles. I haven’t faded away into obscurity. I feel like the new guy and want to give my best. But people on the sets treat me with much more respect and call me Samir sir, which makes me feel older.”

First Published: Nov 17, 2016 08:01 IST