'I think everyone has a sarkar in him'

Bollywood actor Ashutosh Rana on his stint as the big boss in the reality show Sarkar ki Duniya.. in conversation with Rachana Dubey.
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Updated on Feb 23, 2009 07:23 PM IST
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Hindustan Times | ByRachana Dubey, Mumbai

Bollywood actor Ashutosh Rana on his stint as the big boss in the reality show Sarkar ki Duniya.. in conversation with Rachana Dubey.

It must be fun playing sarkar in Sarkar ki Duniya?
Yes, I’m enjoying every minute. The idea is to create extraordinary names from the ordinary. My duniya is made up of 18 contestants who are ordinary people. But while on the show, they will put through such rigorous tasks that they will eventually become big names.

That sounds rather Bigg Bossish.
No, on Bigg Boss you saw celebrities dancing, sleeping and sweeping the floor in a house under controlled conditions. These are common men and women who will take on bigger tasks. You will know what I meant when you see the first episode.

Reality shows draw TRPs.. but at the cost of contestants fighting and weeping.
That is what you have been seeing on other shows. Here the idea is to generate a thought process among young viewers. Laughing and crying are a part of being human. If at some point we get high TRPs because the contestants were getting emotional, it will be a bonus.

What changes would you want to see in the country’s sarkar?
The emphasis here is on rights and very little on duties. That needs to be reversed for public welfare. Our authorities should have taken note of this years earlier.

If you were offered a ticket in the next elections would you take it?
Of course, I will. I don’t want to only throw words around, I want to put them into action. And sarkar doesn’t only refer to a person but a thought, a system and an inner voice. It shouldn’t simply be equated with power.

I think everyone has a sarkar in him. And If I became the sarkar even for one day, I would divide work according to everyone’s true capacity. That would solve 90 per cent of the country’s problems.

Do you have a dream team in mind?
(Smiles) A 100 Gandhijis, Subhash Chandra Boses and some Sardar Patels too. The reason I’m naming them is a signal that we need personalities and not people. Leaders today are persons and not personalities. Democracy has given us the power to elect. Ghode ko aap chalao, ghoda aap ko naa chala paaye.

Will you ever return to regular TV shows.. the kind you did at the outset of your career?
There are very few shows like that being made today. (Smiles) And I can’t do with thoda.

Will you team up with your wife Renuka (Shahane) for a dance reality show?
We get offers every year. Since my biwi and I are from the media industry, we seem like the ideal couple for these latka jhatka shows. But trying to dance, shed tears and get eliminated makes little sense to me. What will I get from participating in such shows?

Renuka is making a movie..
She is in the process. It’s a Marathi film titled Rita, toplining Pallavi Joshi. It’s in the post- production stage now.

Are you involved with her movie?
When she is home with our sons, I’m nischint that everything is fine. Now that she has stepped out, I have to be home to assure her that all is okay. That’s my contribution.

Are your sons showing signs of following in your footsteps?
Renuka and I will never impose our choices on them. They will follow careers of their choice. I think it’s unfair if parents choose everything for their children. My wife and I will be there whenever they need us.

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