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‘I will be back on Kyunki Saas..'

Rakshanda Khan on Mahabharat and her re-entry in Kyunki..., interviewed by Rachana Dubey.
Hindustan Times | By Rachana Dubey, Mumbai
UPDATED ON JUL 07, 2008 06:51 PM IST

I’ve always wondered why you suddenly vanished from Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi?
I guess only the production company can tell you why.

The emphasis had to be on Tulsi’s return. So, my track went out of focus. But I can tell you that at some point, I will be coming back on the show.

Do you have jitters about playing Amba in Kahaani Hamaarey Mahabharat Ki?
Not really Most of us.. as . kids..would watch the show as a Sunday morning ritual. I’ve seen the way it was done in the old Mahabharat. But I’m not using it as a reference point because their presentation and execution was different from ours. We have simpler dialogue, our costumes are easier on the eye.

Weren’t you offered two other roles other than Amba?
Yes, but it wouldn’t be professionally ethical to speak about that. I chose a smaller part because it makes a stronger impact.
Besides, I was floored with the way Ekta narrated Amba’s part to me. Amba has the maximum number of scenes with Bheeshma. She curses the man whom everyone else worships.

Would you ever do something like that in real life?
Cursing? Ha! No way. But I’d fight back injustice. I would make myself heard, loud and clear, if I was ever denied my moral and human rights.

Whom do you find the most attractive man on the show?
I’ve only worked with Ronit Roy. I’m impressed with his focus. He’s into the skin of his character.

Why have you been away from soaps?
I have been busy with shows. I did the TV version of the IIFA award function. I was in Bangkok for a week for that. Then, I was hosting shows in Dubai and Europe.

Why have you never done a reality show?
Because they’re all about singing and dancing. I can’t sing for peanuts. I have a couple of extra feet.. maybe 44 of them. The day I do away with them, I may start dancing. So far, I haven’t had the guts.

So, you choose to host?
Precisely. (Laughs). Actually, I’m hosting Kabhi Kabhi Yaar Kabhi Kabhi Pyaar because it’s a different kind of a reality show.

Here, a guy dances with his real life wife. The chemistry is judged.

So, you should have been Hiten Tejwani’s partner because you are his onscreen biwi?
No, which patni would want her pati to lose in the very first round? (Chuckles) Honestly, I can’t dance and I didn’t want Hiten and Gauri to lose.

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