'My show talks about social issues'

Updated on Feb 19, 2008 12:54 PM IST
Item girl Rakhi Sawant, all set to host a telly show on Zee TV reveals her fetish for reality shows and more to Riya V Anandwala.
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Hindustan Times | ByRiya V Anandwala, Mumbai

Item girl Rakhi Sawant, all set to host a telly show on Zee TV reveals her fetish for reality shows and more to Riya V Anandwala.

You are to host a chat show for Zee TV. What's it about?

It's definitely not like Koffee with Karan. My show talks about social issues. People from all walks of life will be invited to take the floor. Viewers can also contribute with live reactions.

Maybe not Karan but do you have another role model in mind?
I believe no one can host a show better than me. I have my own style which will keep viewers hooked.

You sound very confident.
I am. Viewers will watch this show for Rakhi Sawant alone.

Any other shows in the pipeline?
I have been getting loads of offers. But I don't want to be a part of a family drama. I'd rather give time to breakthrough shows like this one.

Are you watching the reruns of Bigg Boss?
Yeah, and I'm laughing at my antics. I wouldn't mind going back to the House. Being locked in there for the rest of my life. Yes, it was like a prison and it was a hard life but it was better than what you face in real life.

After Nach Baliye 2, will you be a part of another reality show?
I am doing two other reality shows. One of them will be bigger than Nach Baliye 2. I love reality shows because they are, well, real.. and the money's good too. If I didn't do them who would pay my bills? I don't have much money and Star Plus has refused to pay me the Rs 28 lakh I was promised for Nach Baliye 2.

Ah, so the grouse remains.
They want an apology from me before they pay up. I am in two minds. Big money is at stake. I cannot even afford to file a case against the channel.

What about films?
I will be doing a big banner film soon. It's a dream role. It's too early to talk about it.

Your previous film, Buddha Mar Gaya, was a disaster.
The experience was good but the director's work was shoddy. There was too much vulgarity. It even shocked me.

What kind of offers are you getting now?
I get several B and C-grade films but I am not even considering those offers. I don't mind doing a small role in a big banner film for which I am even willing to work free.

Ever thought of reuniting with the rest of your family?
I don't want to go back to them. When I was with them, I was treated like a machine. They make several demands on me.. expected the world from me. But I have my own life. I am at peace today. I can breathe easy. Why would I want to reunite with them?

What about marriage?
Haven't thought about it yet. And I don't want to either. You never know what course life suddenly takes after marriage.

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