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Our maha cast

Girija Duggal has put together a cast of big screen celebs, who can play the roles of the epic characters.
Hindustan Times | By Girija Duggal, New Delhi
UPDATED ON JUL 09, 2008 08:53 PM IST

Ekta Kapoor's latest project, Kahaani Hammaray Mahabharat Ki, hit TV screens on July 7. While Kapoor has chosen some of the leading stars of small screen to play the roles of the epic characters, we decided to put together our very own cast of big screen celebs - all in jest.

Krishna: Who else but King Khan? He's the reigning god of Bollywood, has hypnotic charm, is mischievous and witty, too. Oh, and those dimples go perfectly with Krishna's flirty ways.

Yudhishtira: Our vote goes to Aamir Khan, who is known in the industry for being a stickler for principles (no, we did not say boring). A goal fit fin' the role of Yudhishtiva, the son of Dharma.

Arjun: He is the good-looking archer who defeated an audience of prospective suitors for Draupadi hands down with his deadly shot. Hrithik Roshan, with his perfectly sculpted body and aquiline features is our choice

Bhima: He was tall, hungry, and / ever so strong. No marks for guessing, Khali, standing gigantic at 7 feet 3 inches, makes the perfect match for Hidimba... DURYODHANA: Scheming, jealous and immensely powerful, this bad boy could be none other than Salman Khan, the sometimes-good-sometimes-bad boy of Bollywood

Draupadi: Few in the industry can take on five men at once with the same dignified ease as the bold and the beautiful Sushmita Sen.

Karna: After the ease with which he played Langda Tyagi in Omkara. there's no one but Saif Ali Khan who can do justice, to Karna's complex character.

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