Fake Twitter accounts vs @Real Donald Trump is genuine fun

Twitter accounts parodying US president Donald Trump offer sharp commentary laced with humour and sarcasm.

Donald Trump Presidency Updated: Feb 06, 2017 14:44 IST
Zehra Kazmi
Zehra Kazmi
Hindustan Times
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Donald Trump’s controversial tweets have inspired parody accounts that combine humour and sarcasm. (REUTERS)

It’s no secret that Donald Trump loves tweeting. All through his election campaign, Trump lobbed off one tweet after another from his account, @realDonaldTrump, which currently has a following of 23.9 million.

Trump’s signature style of insults, exclamation marks and CAPSLOCK has given rise to several parody accounts on the micro-blogging site. And while Trump is not the first world leader to be mocked and parodied -- both Putin and Kim Jong Un have a plethora of accounts dedicated to them -- the line between parody and original, humour and real is often blurred in this case.

Here’s a pick of the five best Trump parody accounts that will make you laugh, but also make you wonder, is it really the POTUS or a clever copy?

1. @RealDonalDrumpf

This Twitter account calls itself ‘a 100% classy Donald Trump parody’ and has already garnered a fan following of 72,000 and even a column for an online news site. The account tweets things that could easily have been said by the original, but makes them even more outrageous and controversial.

2. @reaIDonaldTrunp

You know things are bad when a parody account feels the need to clarify in the bio that it is ‘NOT donald trump’. The tweets are racist, sexist, offensive and vindictive... reminding you of the original at every turn.

3. @DeepDrumpf

How easy is it to replicate Trump’s Twitter feed? Well, MIT researcher Brad Hayes programmed an artificial intelligence algorithm to generate tweets based on a reading of Trump’s speeches and debate performances. The result? Surreal tweets that are a strange mix of random and familiar, brought to you by your neighbourhood presidential bot.

4. @MatureTrumpTwts

A parody account that makes vastly more sense than the original may make you question the order of the universe, but that is exactly what @MatureTrumpTwts is. The account quotes the original’s tweets and then shows how ‘a mature, more presidential Trump should tweet’. The tweets are diplomatic and respectable -- if only the POTUS took notes.

5. @RoguePOTUSStaff

The last one on the list is not a traditional parody but a ‘rogue’ account that calls itself ‘The unofficial resistance team inside the White House’. Run anonymously, the account promises to ‘leak’ inside information on Trump, including how the president responds to criticism by the media or rumours surrounding new executive orders. While it can’t be confirmed that the account is run by people serving in the current administration, it has already found a following of 6,81,000.

First Published: Feb 06, 2017 14:44 IST