‘US has allowed China’s CCP to walk all over us,’ says secretary of state Pompeo

Calling the risk from CCP ‘real’ Mike Pompeo told interviewer Erick Erickson that for 40 years, the US ‘went on bended knee’ and allowed the CCP to ‘walk all over us.’
FILE PHOTO: US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo (Manuel Balce Ceneta/Pool via REUTERS)
FILE PHOTO: US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo (Manuel Balce Ceneta/Pool via REUTERS)
Updated on Oct 16, 2020 09:48 AM IST
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Washington | By Asian News International | Posted by Karan Manral

US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo on Thursday said that the threat from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) “is real” and added that the US has allowed the CCP to “walk all over us”.

“Look, this risk from the Chinese Communist Party is real. For 40 years - and this isn’t political, remotely - Republican presidents, Republican congresses, Democrat, it didn’t make a difference - we went on bended knee. We allowed the Chinese Communist Party to walk all over us. And President Trump is working to right that ship. It’ll be good for American jobs, it’ll be good for American security,” Pompeo said in an interview with Erick Erickson of The Erick Erickson Show on WSB Atlanta.

Pompeo further said that the CCP is “under the veil of these things called Confucius Institutes impacting our kids, putting their propaganda on top of our children.”

Pompeo further called taking money from the CCP in order to keep schools afloat as an “unacceptable tradeoff” adding that the people need to “face up” to the fact that the money provided by the CCP is to ‘subvert our democracy’.

“It’s often about money, whether it was the desire of our companies to sell products in China, or in this case for universities to take grant money from the Chinese Communist Party. It’s often about economics. We need to just face up to the fact that this money is being used to subvert our democracy, to undermine our way of life, and we should simply say it’s unacceptable, we’ll find another way to underwrite our schools, to pay for our kids to go where they need to go,” added the US Secretary of State.

President Donald Trump has raised the issue repeatedly that China is not considered a developed nation in the World Trade Organization as it enjoys the benefits of a developing nation despite having an “advanced military” to which, Pompeo said that there are not many countries who find it ‘plausible’ that China claims itself of being a developing country.

“President Trump and our team have built out a real coalition on this issue, Erick. It was the President who flagged this first, but now we can see that the world has come to understand China the same way that the United States does. Only the poorest countries in the world are supposed to get trade deals, and the whole world I think is united,” Pompeo said.

“It will take some real work to fix what happens at the World Trade Organization on this. But I don’t think there are many defenders left that think it’s plausible for China to claim that it’s a developing country when it has one of the most advanced militaries,” he added.

Trump has repeatedly labelled China’s entry into the World Trade Organization most disastrous trade deals” in history. (ANI)

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