Indian Americans condemn Riddhi Patel as ‘Hinduphobe’ post violent Bakersfield City Council threats - Hindustan Times

Indian Americans condemn Riddhi Patel as ‘Hinduphobe’ post violent Bakersfield City Council threats

Apr 13, 2024 08:20 PM IST

An army of Indian Americans flocked to the internet to bash pro-Palestine protestor Riddhi Patel after threats at the Bakersfield City Council meeting.

Numberless Indian Americans and other internet users banded together to denounce anti-Israel protestor Riddhi Patel after her brutal threats to “murder” Bakersfield City Council officials. The City Council gathering was slated for Wednesday, April 10, when the American woman of Indian origin twisted her anti-Israel rhetoric into a controversially violent warning for the council members and Mayor Karen Goh.

Riddhi Patel is arrested under 16 felony county(X)
Riddhi Patel is arrested under 16 felony county(X)

When it was time for the council to be opened for public remarks, Patel headed for the podium to drop menacing threats, claiming that she would go to the officials' house and “murder” them. Her contentious tirade followed as an address to heightened security measures as a clampdown on anti-Israel protests.

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The 28-year-old woman, who's now been accused of 18 felony charges, cited Mahatma Gandhi and the Chaitra Navrati festivities in the same breath as her hostile claims against the city officials.

The internet community didn't take well to words and instantly shot her down online, condemning her as a “Hinduphobe” for invoking revered references while threatening to murder Bakersfield leaders.

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Here's how the internet reacted to anti-Israel protestor Riddhi Patel's hot-tempered speech at the City Council meeting.

Indian Americans and the internet at large denounce anti-Israel protestor Riddhi Patel

Patel's anti-Israel discourse dwindled into a violent showdown that ended with threatening the city's officials. Before descending that route, she said: “…You guys, those who votes to win in Bakersfield, parade Gandhi around and a Hindu holiday called Chaitra Navaratri that starts off this week. I remind you that these holidays that we practice, that other people in the global south practice, believe in violent revolution against their oppressors.”

In the end, she brought controversial heat while highlighting the “criminalisation” of the public: “You guys want to criminalize us with metal detectors.” “We’ll see you at your house. We’ll murder you,” she added.

As the news bubble burst online after Patel's subsequent arrest, the internet opened its proverbial fire.

The Hindu American Foundation gave her flak for her threatening outcry in a tweet that read: "We are outraged that this person invokes Gandhi & Chaitra Navaratri while threatening to murder @Bakersfield_Cal leaders.

The escalation of #antisemitic rhetoric from anti-Israel demonstrations into terroristic threats is a horrific reality that we condemn. It must stop now."

Indian American Asha Jadeja Motwani of Motwani Jadeja Foundation also took to her X/Twitter, casting Patel off as a “hinduphobe."

She wrote: “Pro Palestine Indian woman calling for murder of city council members in Bakersfield CA. She’s of course, now in police custody. A known Hinduphobe, she has also been ranting against Hindus …. It’s the same antisemitic #playbook of the #WokeLeft. Blame everything on Jews, Asians and white people. This playbook claims that the success of certain minorities is because of their… “white adjacent privilege” and not merit or talent. Kids are indoctrinated in this ideology starting middle school.”

Additionally, The Hindu Post eventually took a shot at her in a lengthy tweet tirade. Their tweet began: “A Riddhi Patel is what you get when you fail to impart a Dharmic upbringing to children, when you don't develop their viveka (discernment) so they can differentiate between right and wrong, or teach bhakti/yoga to help calm and control their mind.”

Quoting extracts from her speech, they also shared her old Facebook post that recently resurfaced online. In it, she overtly slandered Modi, “Hindu Fascism” and more. The latter half of their message read: “Riddhi Patel was driven to the extent of making violent threats in true Leftist/Communist/Antifa Woke style over a complicated conflict in the Middle East with bad faith actors on all sides, rather than take up cudgels for the oppression taking place against Hindus in Pakistan, Bangladesh and pockets of Bharat.”

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Comments under each of these tweets opened a heavy debate, with all of it fuming at Patel. “She specifically dressed in this attire. This is how we, Indians are tagged. This is how propaganda is done and a perspective is created,” someone wrote on the platform.

A different comment read: “This is what wokeness does to people. It makes them crazy & dangerous to the society. I hope they lock her away for good.”

Another user questioned her intent in dragging the Navratri festivities into this conversation: “Why did she even mention Navratri?! Made no sense."

Similarly fuelled comments, like “This is really pathetic. She'll bring bad name to all Indians abroad :(” and “She is American, just accept the fact that soon America will be bankrupt due to wokeism,” added to the discourse.

Of her 18 felony counts, 10 charges cited her intent to terrorise and the other 8 for threatening the city officials.

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