Trader Joe’s takes heat over alleged 'Racist' labels: TikToker sparks debate - Hindustan Times

Trader Joe’s takes heat over alleged 'Racist' labels for ethnic products: TikToker sparks heated debate

ByJahanvi Sharma
Dec 09, 2023 08:05 PM IST

A Tiktoker has sparked a heated debate over Trader Joe's labelling of ethnic products which she has deemed is ‘racist.’ Read more below.

A TikToker named Kyi recently released a video giving Trader Joe's heat for the controversial ethnic naming for some of its products.

She captioned the video as: 'POV: U just found out Trader Joe's does THIS to cultural foods.'
She captioned the video as: 'POV: U just found out Trader Joe's does THIS to cultural foods.'

In the video, she realizes that the frozen sack of Trader Joe's Mandarin Orange Chicken was branded as Trader Ming's. While preparing the food, she turns to the camera, mouthing the words, ‘Wait a damn minute.’

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She captioned the video as: 'POV: U just found out Trader Joe's does THIS to cultural foods.'

The video has garnered nearly three million views and is part of a series where Kyi finds various Trader Joe's products with controversial alternative labelling.

Viewers enlightened the TikToker even more by pointing out that the chain's famous Californian grocery chain had other lines, including Trader Giotto's, Trader Joe San, Joe's Diner and Trader Jacques.

Their line of Italian food is titled, ‘Trader Giotto’s' and an American line is named ‘Joe’s Diner.'

The Japanese food line is ‘Trader Joe San’ and for traditional French food they have, ‘Baker Josef’ and ‘Trader Jacques.’

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Back in 2020, an online petition with over 2,300 signatures was launched for the company to remove ethnic brand names whose branding was considered racist.

The company even agreed to remove ethnic brand names like ‘Trader Ming’s,' Arabian Joe's' for Middle Eastern dishes and ‘Trader Jose’s' from its shelves however, it backtracked later saying it wouldn't change names due to a petition.

As compared to the 2020 reaction to the knowledge of Trader Joe's naming of products, this time people have had a supportive and humorous reaction to the video.

Big missed opportunity to call it Trader Zhou's,' one joked while another said: 'As a Mexican, I rather enjoy Trader Jose'.

'I noticed this too. I have olive oil from Trader Joe's & it's called Trader Giottos,' one quipped.

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‘I read somewhere they use a cultural equivalent of the name Joe but idk why,’ theorized a fan.

'I thought they were all traders that know each other and sell each other their own foods.' quipped another.

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