Leaders must dominate agencies: Pervez

The President has said that India is perhaps the only country whose leaders do not trust him.

world Updated: Jan 07, 2006 18:46 IST

In an indirect message to leaders across the world, General Musharrafhas said thatthe leaders must dominate intelligence agencies and organisations and must dictate the way forward, and must not in stead be dominated by them.

In a message, though indirect, he pointed out that India is perhaps the only country whose leaders do not have enough faith in him and held Indian intelligence agencies responsible for this.

"It is an irony that I am trusted by the whole world. Here is one country and one leadership that does not trust me when I am saying things, because of history. But history changes. I said I trusted Prime Minister Manmohan Singh because I sincerely believe in him. But I know there are organisations and agencies within the Indian government who work against this. I know that.

"If leadership can not be in-charge and give their ideas and not allow their ideas to be dominated by organisations and agencies that I am afraid we will never move forward. The agencies and organisations must be dominated by the leader and he must dictate the way forward," he said.

Asked whether this was meant to be a direct message to Singh, he said it was meant for all leaders including himself.

"Leaders have to dominate and ideas should flow from them. Agencies and organisations must go along with those ideas. Otherwise he is not aleader. If those ideas come from others and if the ideas thoughtby the leaderare dominated by the old and hackneyed ideas of organisations, then there is no way we can move ahead," he said.

First Published: Jan 07, 2006 18:46 IST