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"They stole my kidney"

He says he was sedated and woke up hours later feeling acute pain on his right side. He then found out he had lost a kidney. This Egyptian man tells his story...

world Updated: Aug 06, 2007 21:40 IST
Alaa Shahine
Alaa Shahine

Sayyed Mahmoud Abou Dief is a 26-year-old unemployed Egyptian man, who says three years ago a man posing as a businessman promised to secure a job for him in Libya after a medical check-up at a Cairo hospital.

He says he was sedated and woke up hours later feeling acute pain on his right side. He then found out he had lost a kidney. A shy, thin dark man, Abou Dief talked to Reuters in Cairo about his case. He removed his shirt to reveal a long deep scar on his right side.

This is his story:

"This man overheard me asking about a vacancy as a waiter at a coffee shop. He told me 'I will help you get a job in Libya but you have to do some X-rays and tests for me.' I went with a friend of mine called Alaa to the office of the man and his associate. They said we won't have to pay anything. <b1>

"I did some tests then he said I had to stay at an apartment downtown and wait for the final heart check he summoned me to a hospital where I met a doctor who placed me under a 'heart-testing machine'. I was given a sedative.

"I woke up later feeling an acute pain. I was throwing up and crying. The nurse beside me said 'Thank God, the surgery went fine.' I asked her 'what surgery?' and she said that I had just had my kidney removed.

"The chair was next to me. I picked it up and hit the nurse with it on her head. Then I don't know how I stood up and smashed the window which was also close to me. The nurse passed out and I passed out right away too.

"I called the man and told him that I will never let him alone. He told me to meet him. He told me 'you had a problem with your kidney and I had it removed for you. You should thank me.' He then gave me 4,000 Egyptian pounds ($706) and said 'you have no proof that I have done this to you.'

"I went with my father and filed a police report. Forensic examiners proved that I had lost a kidney but I do not have any proof on paper that these people have done this to me the hospital denied that I had an operation there.

"The case has been with the office of the public prosecutor since then. The men I have accused have denied any wrongdoing.

"I have been unemployed since then because I cannot work long hours. My father pays me money but he cannot afford my medication as well. My only kidney is functioning at 85 per cent.

"I still have hope. But I want to say that the government is unjust because it has not helped me. How come the government cannot do me justice? Am I supposed to claim my rights with my hand? I am willing to do so if the government won't help me.

"I went to the Presidential Palace three months ago and told them I want to meet the president. I took my shirt off and showed them my scar. They said 'go away or we will detain you."

First Published: Aug 06, 2007 21:13 IST