UK sailors confess to illegally entering Iran

All 15 captured British sailors confessed to illegally entering Iranian waters, a report said.

world Updated: Apr 02, 2007 14:47 IST

Iran's state-run Arabic-language TV channel reported on Monday that all 15 captured British sailors had confessed to illegally entering Iranian waters.

The claim was carried by the news channel Al-Alam, a state-run channel that is broadcast across the Arab world but not in Iran.

Iran's military chief had said on Saturday, March 24 that the sailors had confessed after interrogations to illegally entering Iranian waters.

There was no source given for Al-Alam's new claim. The station has so far broadcast video footage of four of the 15 saying they were in Iranian waters at the time of their capture, including footage today in which two of the sailors used maps to show the alleged location where they were seized.

The British government has vehemently denied that the sailors entered Iranian waters, and has said the confessions appear coerced.

Britain says the sailors were in Iraqi waters operating under a UN mandate, and has released its own maps and GPS coordinates showing their alleged locations.

First Published: Apr 02, 2007 14:43 IST