Wackiest insurance policies ever

Do you fear being abducted by extraterrestrial beings? However bizarre it may sound, you can actually get an insurance against alien abduction. Read on to know more.

world Updated: Sep 20, 2010 15:34 IST

Do you fear being abducted by aliens? Have you ever seen a UFO? If your answer to any of the above questions is yes, getting an alien abduction insurance may not be such a bad idea.

However bizarre it may sound, you can actually get insurance against alien abduction. According to Newser, British Insurance has made $3 million selling this policy to gullible Californians. But the company's managing director admits it's a joke. "Let's face it," he says, "Insurance is so tedious that if I can enlighten my dreary life with a bit of humour every now and again, I will." Apparently the weird insurance is purchased usually by the weak minded.

With most people having a health, car, house and life insurance, companies are coming up with wacky insurance policies. Here's a list of Asylum's wackiest policies ever devised, reports Newser.

Immaculate Conception: Three Scottish virgins were so convinced that God might impregnate them that they took out a policy that would pay them $1.5 million if it happened.

AlienChest Hair: An unknown celebrity asked an insurance company to insure his manly chest rug for $7 million. Alas, he never took out the policy.

Giant Crab: When the Birmingham Sea Life aquarium took possession of a gigantic Japanese spider crab measuring 10-feet across, they assured the public wasn't dangerous-then took out a $1.5 million policy against visitor death or dismemberment.

Thailand Riots: To reassure tourists about their eminently safe country, the Thai government is offering visitors riot insurance.

First Published: Sep 20, 2010 14:37 IST