‘I was reborn’: Pune climber trapped in Uttarakhand mountain rescued

  • Anupam Trivedi, Hindustan Times, Dehradun
  • Updated: Jun 23, 2016 23:08 IST
Mountaineer Jaishri Dumbre (right) fell into a crevice and was saved by her team’s timely intervention. (Facebook)

A team from a mountaineering institute in Uttarakhand has rescued a 33-year-old Pune climber in the Himalayas, in an operation reminiscent of Hollywood thrillers .

Jaishri Dumbre fell into a 100-foot-deep and one-foot-wide crevice early morning after she left her camp --- at the height of 15,800 feet -- around 1:30am on June 16 with two fellow mountaineers who accompanied her as per protocol.

She was part of a 35-member team that was on an expedition to an 18,600-foot mountain in Uttarkashi district of the hill state.

“The voyage had to begin at the crack of dawn...Jaishri could not see the snow-clad crevice and fell into it,” said Devendra Rawat, an eyewitness and a documentary film-maker who was part of the team.

Rawat’s camera crew shot a video and shared it with HT.

When Digambar Singh Panwar, a senior instructor of the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering (NIM), came to know about the incident, a rescue operation was launched. It lasted around two hours.

“Luckily, Jaishri got stuck in the middle of the crevice because of ice,” said Panwar, adding that the first two attempts to pull her out went in vain.

“In the first attempt, a colleague tried to get into the cleft but failed. In the second attempt, I myself went into it, but could not pull her out…I entered the crevice again and poured some hot water around her so that the ice melts,” Panwar said.

A rescuer joins the operation to save Dumbre. (Provided by Devendra Rawat)

“When the ice melted, Jaishri regained her strength and conciseness. I then tied her hands to a rope and brought her up,” Panwar said.

Dumbre, who has completed an advanced course from NIM, left for home on Thursday.

A premier mountaineering institute run by the government, NIM saw students such as Bachendri Pal, first Indian woman to scale Mount Everest.

“My birthday falls on June 12, though. From now onwards, I will celebrate it on June 16, the day when I was reborn,” she said.

“I will continue with mountaineering since it’s my passion,” the mechanical engineer who recently shifted to Pune from Mumbai, said.

Dumbre said she has been a climber for the last eight years and regularly visiting NIM.

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