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Asian Games 2018, India vs Malaysia hockey semis highlights: Malaysia hold nerve, beat India to enter finals

It all came down to the wire, it was frenetic shoot-out and in the end Malaysia held their nerve to edge past India.

By HT Correspondent | Aug 31, 2018 17:10 IST

Defending champions India were taken down by Malaysia in a tense semi-finals as they lost 6-7 in the shoot-outs. The Indian team was in rampant form as they scored a record 76 goals and have topped Pool A. The team recorded emphatic win against Indonesia (17-0), Hong Kong (26-0), Japan (8-0), Korea (5-3) and Sri Lanka (20-0).

Malaysia has been in decent form too as they have breezed past Kazakhstan (16-2), Thailand (10-0), Bangladesh (7-0) and Oman (7-0). However, they suffered a loss against Pakistan. India do not boast of a good recent record against Malaysia as they lost to them in the 2017 World Cup and then went down to them 0-1 in the Azlan Shah Cup.

17:10 hrs IST

India have been in good form

India have an unbeaten record, having registered huge victories against Indonesia (8-0), Kazakhstan (21-0), Korea (4-1) and Thailand (5-0) in the pool stages.

18:09 hrs IST

India gutted, Malaysia elated

Malaysia were the underdogs, ranked 12th in the world and they have knocked out the defending champions.

18:02 hrs IST


Malaysia enter the finals, India ousted. What a match, what a brilliant match!

18:01 hrs IST

Malaysia SCORE

5th in a row, Sreejesh second best again

18:00 hrs IST

GOAL! India score as Dilpreet reverses stance and slams

Referred, but Goal stance

17:59 hrs IST

GOAL! Malaysia came charging forward and walk back with a goal

Sreejesh no match there

17:58 hrs IST

GOAL! India not blinking

So brilliant, so calm, so hockey. Wow, exciting!

17:58 hrs IST

Malaysia, calm composed and GOAL

What a stunning goal this is, intense pressure and remarkable calmness

17:57 hrs IST


India slam one back in. Draws level

17:56 hrs IST

Malaysia hit too, they lead again

Sreejesh came charging forward, but then left an open goal

17:55 hrs IST

GOAL for India, ahh, what a match

Harmanpreet with a brilliant goal.

17:55 hrs IST

Rebound, GOAL for Malaysia

Sudden death, Malaysia score.

17:54 hrs IST

Malaysia not going anywhere, GOAL

Oh, the drama, it is all level once again

17:53 hrs IST

Superb GOAL by India

Harmanpreet gets on to the reverse side and then flicks it in.

17:53 hrs IST

Malaysia miss too

Sreejesh is there, imposing presence and the ball is scooped over the goal

17:52 hrs IST

Ahh, time runs out, Sunil misses

He tried to run around the goalie, but time ticks by

17:51 hrs IST

Captain fantastic, Sreejesh outstanding

Sreejesh throws himself to the left and deflects it wide

17:50 hrs IST

India miss again with their 3rd attempt

Dilpreet misses it again, the Malaysian goalie has been brilliant today

17:50 hrs IST

Sreejesh saves

India back on level terms, Sreejesh was always calm and saved the ball

17:49 hrs IST

GOAL! India get their second attempt

Akashdeep was composed and in goes the ball

17:48 hrs IST

Malaysia scores

It was close, but Malaysia convert their chance

17:47 hrs IST

India lose first shoot-out

Manpreet loses his chance as he’s penalised for infringement

17:41 hrs IST

We will now have a shootout

Malaysia have just about managed to make a comeback and now it is a shootout to decide the winner

17:36 hrs IST

Penalty corner! Malaysia smash a GOAL

What a comeback, this match is alive and kicking once again

17:33 hrs IST

Time running out for Malaysia

Sardar Singh is back on the field. India still ahead, Malaysia pushing, but cannot find a footing as of now.


17:25 hrs IST

Woah, that was close for Malaysia

The shoot hit the crossbar, India saved by the skin of their teeth.

This is getting tense

17:23 hrs IST

Blow for India

Surender Kumar will be out for the next five minutes. India are down to nine men, this is Malaysia’s chance. 11 minutes to go in the match.

17:17 hrs IST

3rd quarter concludes

India in the lead as we head into the final segment of the match.

Malaysia have looked threatening.

17:13 hrs IST

GOAL! India hit right back, wow this is some riposte

Finally, a penalty corner is converted, India now in the lead. Good game..good game.

Talk about variation, VAarun scores from the left and Malaysia are caught on the wrong foot.

17:09 hrs IST

GOAL!! Malaysia hit back

Defence caught napping and Malaysia drill on in. This match is on!

17:00 hrs IST

Second half begins, GOAL for India

Well, India look stressed at the moment. They have finally struck, GOAL and India are ahead. Stunning strike by Harmanpreet SIngh

16:48 hrs IST

Half-time: No one has edged ahead

India 0-0 Malaysia. This has been an even contest so far by both teams.

16:47 hrs IST

Well, decisions changed

The umpires are under pressure too, they are changing their decisions frequently, the match is volatile

16:38 hrs IST

Malaysian defence is like a rock

The Indians cannot penetrate the defence right now. They are more reliant on PCs, and can’t convert even those.

16:35 hrs IST

Another PC not converted by India

It has been the story of the match so far, neither side has been able to get a goal.

16:26 hrs IST

First quarter ends

It was frenetic, both teams had their chances with Penalty corners, but no goals have come so far.

Malaysia are giving it their all.

16:24 hrs IST

Superb save there by captain Sreejesh

That shoot was headed for the goal, a sprawling Sreejesh knocks it away. India can breathe again

16:22 hrs IST

Chance missed

Malaysia had another PC, but it has been sprayed wide. They want a review and a review we have.

Malaysia win another PC

16:19 hrs IST

Another PC, another change goes by

Good feed there, but the drag was wide, however, India get another one

16:18 hrs IST

Woah, that was complicated

A very complex attempt at a penalty corber, nothing happening there for India.

16:14 hrs IST

Lovely run by Sunil

Sunil races forward, he has the ball but then fails to get the cross in.

16:10 hrs IST

Malaysia strike, but it is overturned

India fall behind, but there is a referral. Firhan draws first blood for Malaysia, but on referral it is overturned.

India can breathe easy for now. THE BALL HAD HIT THE MALAYSIAN STRIKER’S FOOT!!

16:03 hrs IST

All aggression for the Indians

Lovely play from India, they want goals, and the are forever in Malaysia’s half.

16:01 hrs IST

And we begin

India on the attack, but Malaysia get the ball and move forward.

15:59 hrs IST

National Anthem is being played out

The Indian players sing the national anthem with gusto and the Indian supporters in the crowd join in. What an atmosphere

14:23 hrs IST

Malaysia have been tricky for India

Malaysia ranked 12th, has been giving troubles for India in the recent past and have beat them twice last year.

14:17 hrs IST

Captain is cautious

“While I feel we must continue the same tempo we have shown in our attack, we must be doubly cautious in our defending and ensure we don’t give away PCs which will be critical,” captain PR Sreejesh said.

14:15 hrs IST

Attacking play by India in the pool group

India smashed in 76 goals in five matches in the tournament to create the world record of maximum goals ever scored in a tournament.