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PM Modi campaigns in Gujarat, says Congress is disconnected with aspirations of people

Gujarat elections 2017: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is in his home state to address rallies in Bhuj, Kutch, Jasdan, Dhari and Kamrej. Here are the live updates:

assembly-elections Updated: Nov 27, 2017, 18:35 IST
HT Correspondent
HT Correspondent
Hindustan Times
Prime minister Narendra Modi waves at the crowd during a public meeting in support of BJP candidates for assembly polls, in Bhuj on Monday.
Prime minister Narendra Modi waves at the crowd during a public meeting in support of BJP candidates for assembly polls, in Bhuj on Monday.(PTI Photo)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi attacked the opposition Congress on Monday, saying the people of the state would not forgive those who are “insulting the son of Gujarat”.

Modi addressed four public meetings in his home state as the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) stepped up its campaigning for the two-phase assembly elections in Gujarat.

The PM spoke at rallies in Bhuj, Jasdan, Dhari and Kamrej.

Here are the highlights on PM Modi’s Gujarat visit:

6.27pm: PM Modi concludes his speech at the rally in Kamrej. He will now head back to Delhi.

6.22pm: “Morarji Bhai Desai was a successful Finance Minister and a believer in Gandhi Ji. The Congress mistreated him and even when he became PM they troubled him,” says PM Modi at a rally in Kamrej.

6.18pm: “Overnight, Indira Ji removed Morarji Bhai from the Cabinet. She did not open the doors of the bank for the poor. When we got the opportunity to serve, the first thing we did was to start the Jan Dhan Yojana and focus on financial inclusion,” says PM Modi.

6.14pm: “The Congress party has not done anything, it does not want to do any thing and it does not want others to do anything for the people,” says PM Modi.

6.07pm: “Our government has taken steps to ensure people from middle class families can own their homes. We reduced prices of stents and made healthcare affordable,” says PM Modi.

5.59pm: “At every opportunity, the Congress has indulged in corruption,” says PM Modi.

5.55pm: “The Congress is disconnected with the aspirations of the people of India,” says PM Modi.

5.49pm: “Arrogance of the Congress party is at a record high. They do not realise that the times have changed. The youth sees things very differently. Things are very different in Gujarat from the time Congress ruled here 22 years ago. Society is no longer divided, there is progress now,” says PM Modi.

5.46pm: “After campaigning in Kutch, Rajkot and Amreli districts, I have come to Surat. I am seeing the energetic response among people. I am also seeing the Congress is scared of defeat and is unable to match the BJP’s focus on development and good governance,” says PM Modi in Surat.

5.41pm: PM Modi begins his speech in Kamrej, his last rally for the day.

4.29pm: PM Modi tweets:

3.53pm: “Our efforts against corruption have naturally troubled the Congress,” says PM Modi.

3.48pm: “The BJP government in Gujarat got dairies to Saurashtra. Amreli is emerging as a hub for dairy and cooperative sectors over the last two decades,” says PM Modi.

3.46pm: “Amreli district is on the coast and it is the BJP government in Gujarat that worked on harnessing the coastal strengths of this district. We focussed on the blue economy,” says PM Modi in Dhari.

3.41pm: PM Modi begins speaking in Dhari, Amreli.

2.41pm: PM Modi concludes his address in Rajkot’s Jasdan.

2.40pm: “Remember the Gujarat before BJP came to power? To travel to Ahmedabad also people had to ask is it safe. Law and order situation in the state was very poor. All this changed after BJP came to power,” says PM Modi.

2.31pm: “We have served Gujarat without any discrimination. Our belief is in the Mantra of ‘Sauno Saath, Sauno Vikas’,” says PM Modi.

2.27pm: “We are making healthcare affordable for the poor. We brought down the prices of stents,” says PM Modi.

2.23pm: “The solution to all problems is development. Development has to be continuous. We want to work even more for the people of Gujarat,” says PM Modi in Rajkot.

2.21pm: “I had to go on hunger strike against the Congress to make sure Narmada water reaches parched Saurashtra-Kutch,” says PM Modi.

2.19pm: “I request the Congress not to mock the poor and my poor origins,” says PM Modi.

2.18pm: “The Congress dislikes me because of my poor origins. Can a party stoop so low? Yes, a person belonging to a poor family has become PM. They do not fail to hide their contempt for this fact. Yes, I sold tea but I did not sell the nation,” says PM Modi.

2.15pm: The Congress was not fair to other Patidar leaders -- Babubhai Patel, Chimanbhai Patel and Anadiben Patel.

2.14pm: “It was with the support of the Jan Sangh that a person from the Patel Community, Babubhai Patel became CM. The Congress did not like this and ensured that Babubhai Jashbhai’s government did not last,” says PM Modi.

2.12pm: “How did the Congress treat Sardar Patel and Morarji Desai? That is for everyone to see. Which was the party that made the entire nation a prison during the Emergency? That also everyone knows,” says PM Modi.

2.11pm: “A new party came up in Delhi, whose style is to keep abusing and running away. I thought the Congress, being an older party would not indulge in such politics but they have also taken this short cut in the past two months and only hurled abuses and lies,” says PM Modi.

2.10pm: “When we started bringing the waters of the Narmada here to Saurashtra, there were people who were mocking us. Their negative politics has not changed over the years. Our faith is in politics of development and good governance,” says PM Modi in Jasdan.

2.04pm: PM Modi begins speaking at a rally in Jasdan.

1.57pm: PM Modi to address a public gathering in Rajkot’s Jasdan shortly.

12.06pm: “We are not here for power, we are here for 125 crore Indians. We want to take India to new heights of glory,” says PM Modi at Bhuj rally.

12.05pm: “Congress is unhappy about demonetisation. They keep attacking me but I want to tell them...I have grown up in the same land as Sardar Patel. I will ensure that the poor get their due. We will not allow this nation to be looted,” says PM Modi.

12.02pm: “India was attacked on 26/11 and in Uri. You can see how India responded in the wake of both attacks. This explains the difference between their Government and ours,” says PM Modi.

12pm: “A Pakistani court released a Pakistani terrorist and the Congress is celebrating. I was surprised why. And this same Congress refused to believe our own army on surgical strikes and preferred to believe the Chinese ambassador,” says PM Modi:

11.59am: “Does any Congress leader talk about Kamraj, Acharya Kripalani, Subhas Babu, UN Dhebar (who belonged to Gujarat) because they only talk about one family,” says PM Modi.

11.57am: “There are some people who love spreading negativity and pessimism. My appeal to them is to stop doing that. They lack neeti, niyat, a neta and a naata with the people,” says PM Modi.

11.56am: “Whatever I have achieved in the past 15 years is because of Gujarat,” says PM Modi.

11.51am: “The Congress insulted Sardar Patel; the people of Gujarat still forgave them. But they will no longer tolerate any attack on their prestige,” says PM Modi at Bhuj rally.

11.48am: “Gujarat is my ‘atma’, Bharat is my ‘Parmatma’,” says PM Modi.

11.46am: “After the Kutch earthquake Atal Ji asked me to go to Gujarat. On taking over, I spent considerable time in Kutch and learnt what administration is about. You can say that my training happened here in Kutch,” says PM Modi.

11.40am: “It was the Congress that killed youngsters who were associated with the Maha Gujarat Movement... The misgovernance by the Congress adversely impacted Kutch,” says PM Modi.

11.39am: “On one side there is Vikas and Vishwas while on the other side there is Vanshwad. Gujarat will never forgive the Congress Party and this has been the case for long. Congress has never liked Gujarat, has always preferred to see it lag behind,” says PM Modi at Bhuj rally.

11.38am: “I am grateful for all the ‘kichad’ being thrown at me, after all, a lotus blooms only in ‘kichad’ so, I don’t mind if more is thrown at me,” says PM Modi.

11.37am: PM Modi says: “I have the good fortune of knowing every part of Gujarat well.”

11.27am: “Interacting with people gives me unparalleled joy. Every moment of my life is devoted to the welfare of India and 125 crore Indians,” tweets PM Modi ahead of his rally.

11.25am: “Kutch has overwhelmed me with affection. It is indeed special to be here,” tweets PM Modi.

10.54am: Prime Minister Narendra Modi meets people outside Ashapura Mata temple in Gujarat’s Kutch. The PM will address a rally in the area shortly.

10.30am: Prime Minister Modi is expected to attend about 20 public meetings and rallies in the next 15 days ahead of the assembly polls to be held on December 9 and 14.

9.49am: PM Modi visits Ashapura Mata temple in Kutch before beginning his rally in Bhuj. He will address four rallies on December 27 and another four on December 29 ahead of the two phase elections in Gujarat.

9.25am: Preparations are underway at Bhuj where the Prime Minister will address public in his first stop in Gujarat today.

9.21am: Dalit leader Jignesh Mawani will contest as an independent candidate from Banaskantha’s Vadgam constituency.

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