Astrology, Personality & Colours: Find out which one represents your sun sign

BySoumi Pyne
Apr 25, 2022 09:00 AM IST

Colours not only play their role in our daily life but also surely affect one’s personality according to their zodiac signs. Let’s read about what is your most suitable colour according to your zodiac sign.

Our life would have been dull and meaningless without colours for our choice of decoration and clothing depends on them. The colors we surround our self with can influence our perspective and emotions, as well as those around us. It is said to be an important feature, yet not the affecting one in life. Colours not only play their role in our daily lives but also affect one’s personality according to their zodiac signs. 

Colours not only play their role in our daily lives but also surely affect one’s personality according to their zodiac signs.
Colours not only play their role in our daily lives but also surely affect one’s personality according to their zodiac signs.

Let’s read out what is your most suitable colour represents according to your zodiac sign.

Aries (Mar 21-Apr 20): The most enthusiast sign, who rolls down any part of life easily. The leading sign Aries is an outgoing person. You’re determined to get where you’re headed. People like to be around you with a loving personality. Thus, your personality matches the enthusiast colour Orange. The orange itself defines enthusiasm, determination and happiness. The sun's colour, Orange tends to bring enormous joy. In a way, this can represent what Aries is working towards. 

Taurus (Apr 21-May 20): The most reliable one on this list. One can easily recognise a Taurus person with their devotion to any task. Perseverance and patience are the most admiring elements of a Taurean. Thus, the green colour represents your personality. This joyous colour not only represents happiness but also growth in one's life. One can never stop you as you seem to always progress in life. . Hence, you'll adapt things a bit more in the quickest way.

Gemini (May 21-Jun 21): You are the smartest and most passionate one in the room. Yet you are likely to get trapped with frustration and impatience. Hence, this trait of yours could make you fall in trouble at times. For these demerits, people label you as inconsistent. Thus, grey is your colour. The colour grey may not be the liked one, but the smartest one in the line. Grey serves as the symbol of balance. And this is something a Gemini person strives to find in life.

Cancer (Jun 22-Jul 22) Cancerians are the mysterious ones, who at times act tough, to shield the sensitive side. Hence, you are good at hiding your emotions. You can be the best caregiver as you take care of your loved ones. Thus, brown is your preferred colour to match. The colour brown is not as dark as it shows, it at times brings happy thoughts to one's mind. For a Cancerian brown stands for reliability.

Leo (Jul 23-Aug 23) A Leo person shares the same vibe as Aquarians. Yes, you are yet another optimistic sign on this list. A lion symbol Leo is the one who tries to stay positive all the time if the situation seems quite negative. You're the entertainer in the group. Hence, this personality of yours makes people attracted to you more. Thus, yellow is the only colour that suits your personality. Yellow represents happiness, positivity and energy and so does Leo. A Leo person is a true spontaneous person by nature and looks for a good time. Yet, yellow also represents passion for doing things Leos love the most.

Virgo (Aug 24-Sep 23) When talking about your traits, perfection could be the only word to define a Virgo. You take things in a lighter tone and in a very positive way. Being negative can never be in your rule of books. Your planetary position says the Mercury-ruled sign is likely to get focused on an organization. Thus, you’re the most enlightened one, just like the colour White. The colour white and positivity go on the same scale, and so does the personality of the Virgo people. Hence, a Virgo is always aware of things that others aren’t. 

Libra (Sep24-Oct 23): Librans are known as the most fun-loving sun sign. People who fall under the sign are inherited with beauty and calmness. You have an easy-going personality and tend to choose people and their environments based on their calm nature. Thus, your personality is represented by the peace-loving colour Blue, a calm and gentle colour. While many are known to appreciate this colour with a depressed mind. You Libras do a pretty great job of sharing your wisdom and knowledge. 

Scorpio (Oct 24-Nov 22) One of the sturdiest sign on the zodiac list is as strong when it comes to choosing your favourite colour. You are highly courageous by nature, and there are many things that you scorpion shy away from. Being on top is the motto you tend to follow especially when it’s your dream. Thus, red is the colour that represents your personality. The blood colour red is highly appreciated for love and passion. You’re always in search of love, in form of friendship or a partner. No wonder you are a great partner in love. You tend to take leaps, thus the colour red could be your ideal colour in astrology.

Sagittarius (Nov 23-Dec 21)Your personality is the most liked by everyone in the group. You tend to attract people easily in your way. A Sagittarius is one of the most interesting people one shall meet. People should actually meet a Sagittarian once a day. Hence, you are likely to achieve fame in an easier form. Thus, purple is considered to be your favourite colour. The colour purple is represented by mysteries. While you are energetic and have a great sense of humour, you are often stuck pondering life. Hence, this can be the most suitable colour to show you the way. Hence, purple can be called the mystery solver.

Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 21) The Saturn ruled zodiac sign is fairly hard working. You are likely to achieve success by practising self-discipline and control. People who lie under this sign tend to be so obsessed with their profession that they are called workaholics. No matter what, you’ll never accept failure. Thus, black can be the only sign most suited for you. The darkest shade of colour inherits different meanings. Some represent black as power, strength and authority, while others see this colour as death and evil. Hence, you are the sign drawn to black for its representation of power and the ability to achieve anything.

Aquarius (Jan 22-Feb 19) The water bearer symbol Aquarius is known to be one of the most progressive signs on the list as you people seem to provide the most progressive views. Your voice speaks louder than anyone in the room.  Thus, turquoise is the colour which represents your personality. The colour turquoise has symbolism. Turquoise usually stands for wisdom and protection. And relating to your sign, it emphasises hope. The idea is that things may turn out good if you are realistic enough. While Aquarians might not be correct with all opinions you give, they are the most optimistic ones in the group. Hence people like to be around you.

Pisces (Feb 20-Mar 20) The last zodiac on the list is full of surprises when it is about their personality. Shared by both Neptune and Jupiter, a Piscean is known for more compassion for others. You tend to befriend your strangers with your warm gestures. Hence, you are the most liked one. Thus, your gentleness is best represented by pink. The colour pink usually emphasises friendship and kindness. And these two traits are the most reflected one in a Pisces person. Pisces is extremely approachable and so does the colour pink.












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