Father’s Day 2022: How to strengthen your bond with your dad based on his zodiac

Published on Jun 18, 2022 04:35 PM IST

Around the world, a father's role is determined by a stereotype that associates parenthood with control and discipline, while others see their father as laid-back and adventurous. Let's have a look at the many types of fathers based on their zodiac sign.

Sand artist Sudarsan Pattnaik's art for Father's Day 2021.(Twitter/@sudarsansand)
Sand artist Sudarsan Pattnaik's art for Father's Day 2021.(Twitter/@sudarsansand)

Zodiac signs are an excellent way to learn about a person's underlying characteristics. We frequently say one thing and mean another. Our zodiac sign, on the other hand, indicates our likes, dislikes, and expectations from others, which ultimately define our inter-personal relationship. Consider our relationship with our father. Around the world, a father's role is determined by a stereotype that associates parenthood with control and discipline, while others see their father as laid-back and adventurous. However, by understanding our father's personality type, we can comprehend how he is and how we might deepen our bond with him. Let's have a look at the many types of fathers based on their zodiac sign.

Aries: They believe that allowing their children to pursue their dreams is the best way to instil a sense of self-confidence in them. Teaching children about cultural values and encouraging them to dream big is a priority for them. They have a fierce competitive spirit. Whether they're your biggest fan or your worst critic, they'll always be there for you. They can be a tonne of fun, and also very lively.

Taurus: They firmly believe in providing a strong sense of safety and stability to their children. However, this does not imply that the children are dependent on them. All they want is to develop a self-reliant personality. They don't believe in amassing fortune for the sake of their children; rather, they believe in preparing them to be self-sufficient in the pursuit of wealth.

Gemini: They treat their child like a friend rather than a child. Individual attention and close communication are two of their greatest joys. They don't let their advanced age stand in the way of being close to their children. They have a tendency to be a little too boisterous and enthusiastic for their own good. Their youthfulness is adored by children.

Cancer: They value quality time with their children and enjoy taking them out. They are, in general, quite family-oriented and enjoy spending time with their young children. It's a joy to cook for their children and their loved ones. When their children go through their first heartaches, they always offer a shoulder to weep on. They can be irritable and expect love from their children as they get older.

Leo: They are tolerant and encourage their children to develop a competitive spirit. For the sake of their children, they're willing to sacrifice their own preferences and interests. They are fiercely protective of their children, but they never lose their warmth and affection for them. They get a kick out of talking about how well their kids are doing.

Virgo: Despite their intelligence, they can be overbearing parents. They could be strict with their children, despite the fact that they love them without fail and would do anything for them. Even though they can be overly critical at times, their goal is always to help their child improve. They encourage their children to participate in sports and provide advise based on their own experiences.

Libra: They treat children with respect and consideration. Moral principles are a favorite topic of instruction for them. As a result, they may avoid disciplining their children in order to keep the family happy and harmonious. They won't be the family's enforcer; instead, they will rely on his partner to do so. They are a joy to be around, and children adore spending time with them.

Scorpio: In the name of their loved ones, they'll go to any lengths. They value their children beyond everything else, and they are fully aware of this. This group's goal is to empower the children by teaching them to be self-sufficient and strong. They wish for freedom for their children, but they like to ensure that their children can face the challenges of growing up without any assistance.

Sagittarius: They enjoy taking their children on adventures and to the movies, and they make sure they are well-educated. To them, school drop-off and pick-up is a fun part of their daily routine. They tend to be like children with children, spending a lot of time with them and correcting them as necessary. As a result, they serve as positive role models for young people.

Capricorn: They tend to instil in their children a strong sense of tradition and moral values. They believe that the best way of teaching their children about life is to let them make their own choices. They have a lot of drive and ambition, and they want to inculcate these traits in their children as well. They can be obstinate at times, but their love for one another is unquestionable.

Aquarius: It's in their nature to show affection, and as a result, share positive relationships with their children. They are very accepting of others and even enable their children to make errors so they can learn from them. They have a wonderful relationship with their children. They enjoy reading to their young children and encouraging their older children to pursue their interests.

Pisces: They are motivating and take care of their children's feelings and support them to the fullest extent possible. In order to protect their children, they are willing to go the extra mile. They are prone to emotional outbursts, even over the most trivial of issues. They may not be the most practical of fathers, but they more than make up for it by lavishing their children with their undivided affection.


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