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Want to your Chinese horoscope predictions? These are the luckiest signs this week from October 23-29, 2023

Oct 21, 2023 01:59 PM IST

Weekly Chinese horoscope from October 23-29 October,2023: Read your Chinese horoscope based on your animal sign.


Love: The Rat is in for a loving and generous week. Spending time with loved ones is emphasized, and avoiding insincere friends is a priority. The energy of this week supports positive connections, making October 27 a lucky day in love. For those seeking love, the magnetic phase attracts the right people.

In Chinese astrology, every sign is either Yin or Yang.
In Chinese astrology, every sign is either Yin or Yang.

Friendship: Energy-clearing rituals with a black candle are recommended for the Rat. This can help cleanse their aura and invite healthier relationships. Letting go of harmful connections and unloving relationships is the focus, with October 28 as a particularly lucky day for friendships.

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Career: The Rat should take it easy in their career this week. It's not the right time for major moves, but hard work and persistence will eventually pay off. The career aspect encourages patience and a light approach.


Love: The Ox can expect a sweet week in love, with some likely to meet their soulmate through mutual connections. Love is portrayed as indolent yet sweet. October 29 is highlighted as a lucky day in love, especially for those introduced by family friends.

Friendship: The Ox can enhance their friendships by lighting a green candle scented like mint or pine needles. This will invite prosperity and peace into their life. The focus is on positive relationships and connections.

Career: Clear communication is essential in the Ox's career this week. They are advised to be cautious of office romances that may negatively impact their projects. A balance between work and personal relationships is essential.


Love: The Tiger is advised to exercise patience in matters of the heart this week. It may not be the ideal time to confess feelings, but they can look forward to vital information in the coming weeks. October 23 is a lucky day in love for this sign.

Friendship: Some Tigers may benefit from lighting lanterns outside their homes every night this week, as it is believed to ward off negativity and bring peace to their doorstep. It's also a good time to communicate intentions and create positive energy.

Career: Team situations may arise in the Tiger's career, even for those who prefer working solo. These situations can provide an opportunity to improve communication skills and adapt to teamwork with grace.


Love: The Rabbit enjoys strong and positive energy this week. Confidence and sure-footedness are their allies. They are advised not to allow anyone to manipulate their emotions and should hold their ground, even in the presence of authority figures. The love aspect suggests remaining alert to new developments.

Friendship: The Rabbit's manifestation powers are strong during this period, making October 27 or 28 ideal for a ritual. They can invite friends to participate in a communal bonfire night, followed by some leisurely bonding over drinks. This is a time for attracting positive energies and fostering new friendships.

Career: The Rabbit is encouraged to stay true to their convictions in their career. Whether planning a job change or relocation, they are reminded that only they know what's right for them. It's a time to have faith in their own choices and goals.


Love: The Dragon experiences a surge in sexual energy this week. For those in relationships, it's a fertile phase for romance. For singles, this heightened energy can be harnessed in manifestation rituals. The Dragon is advised to be patient and recognize that this energy can bring positive changes.

Friendship: The Dragon may need to reevaluate their inner circle of friends. Good friends are described as not just fair-weather companions but also as individuals who don't let others take over their lives without a say. The focus is on cultivating authentic and supportive friendships.

Career: The energy in the Dragon's career appears somewhat mundane at the moment. The advice is to maintain a slow and steady approach and not to rush or make impulsive decisions. This phase is seen as a prelude to future opportunities for expression and growth.


Love: The cosmic forces align protectively for the Snake this week. The Snake is urged to extend this protective energy to loved ones, ensuring no one is being taken advantage of behind the scenes. The focus is on nurturing and safeguarding relationships.

Friendship: The Snake is encouraged to have discussions with children about the grimmer realities of the world to ensure their safety. Expert-written books are recommended as resources to facilitate these conversations in a way that is informative yet not overly alarming.

Career: In the career realm, the Snake is advised to pay close attention to their intuition when sharing personal information or ideas at work. They should be cautious and discerning when dealing with superiors who may not be as scrupulous as they appear. Trusting one's instincts is essential.


Love: The Horse is encouraged to pay attention to red flags in love. Whether single or in a relationship, reflecting on past mistakes and ensuring they haven't become unconscious habits is a priority. The colour red is seen as helpful for matters of the heart, making October 27 a lucky day in love.

Friendship: The Horse is entering a new chapter in friendships, and they may even meet a platonic soulmate soon. Trusting intuition when meeting new people is recommended. The emphasis is on forming authentic and supportive friendships.

Career: The Horse is reassured that everything is falling into place in their career. The advice is to maintain their pace without excessive worry. Some Horses may also benefit from finding a mentor or participating in group learning opportunities.


Love: Victory decorates the path of those who trust themselves. The Goat's energy this week urges them to boost their self-esteem and confidence, understanding what they excel at and where they need improvement. The key is to prevent second-guessing while staying humble. Paying attention to red flags in love, whether single or in a relationship, is advised.

Friendship: The Goat is encouraged to perform a gratitude ritual to honour the good that has come into their life. Offerings can be made to higher powers or ancestors in the form of flowers, fruits, or incense. This ritual aims to cultivate a sense of appreciation and positivity in friendships.

Career: A positive attitude is seen as a valuable asset in the Goat's career this week. The advice is to breathe in peace when irritation arises, as the solution will come in due time. The Goat is reminded to stay patient and trust the process.


Love: The Monkey is encouraged to follow their heart and not allow emotional blackmail or the burden of other people's responsibilities to weigh them down. Decisions made from the heart are believed to have a positive impact on their future. This week is suggested as more suitable for personal pursuits and self-care, rather than actively seeking love.

Friendship: This week's energy is seen as great for expressing love to close friends. Small gestures can convey care without the need for direct or cheesy expressions. The focus is on nurturing and strengthening existing friendships.

Career: The Monkey's hard work is expected to pay off in their career, especially when working as part of a team. The advice is to rely on individual strengths while allowing the strengths of others to compensate for any weaknesses. The results are predicted to be more than satisfactory.


Love: The Rooster's energy this week is introverted. The advice is to focus on creative pursuits and trust intuition to detect potential problems or disasters. It is suggested that everyone should bear the weight of their own life, and this introverted phase may lead to more profound insights and decisions made from the heart.

Friendship: The Rooster is advised to avoid emotional unavailability and not to look for love actively this week. Journaling thoughts and feelings about love and societal expectations is suggested to provide clarity and resolution. The focus is on personal growth and introspection.

Career: The Rooster is guided to trust their intuition, especially when detecting potential problems or negative influences. Being cautious about emotional unavailability and maintaining a balance between creative pursuits and career is essential.


Love: The Dog's energy this week is calm and straightforward. Trusting mental faculties rather than emotions is recommended. The focus is on finding resolutions and closure. Journaling about past experiences in love is seen as a productive way to address unresolved issues.

Friendship: The Dog is advised not to let peer pressure influence their decisions. Having fun while socializing is encouraged, but not at the expense of their own well-being. Boundaries should be respected, and the right people will understand and appreciate them.

Career: The Dog is reminded to rely on their mental faculties and avoid letting emotions lead to procrastination. Trusting their intuition and focusing on what's important in their career is crucial. Balance is key, and a rational approach is suggested.


Love: The Pig is advised to follow their counsel and not be swayed by the opinions of well-wishers who may not fully understand their perspective. Their advanced knowledge and individual circumstances should guide their decisions. Expressing feelings boldly is encouraged, with affirmations of self-worth being a positive practice.

Friendship: The Pig is encouraged to consider a cord-cutting ritual this week to cleanse their energy field and attract healthier relationships. The focus is on ending energetic attachments to that which no longer serves them, facilitating positive change and the arrival of new friends.

Career: The Pig is encouraged to be patient and take time for personal reflection and planning for the future in their career. Rushing and making hasty decisions are discouraged, and the emphasis is on gradual progress and careful consideration of their choices.

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