Weekly Horoscope: Check Astrological prediction from 15th to 21st January | Astrology - Hindustan Times

Weekly Horoscope: Check Astrological prediction from 15th to 21st January

Jan 14, 2024 09:00 AM IST

Bejan Daruwala's son Chirag Daruwala writes weekly horoscope predictions on HindustanTimes.com. Check forecast for all sun signs from 15th to 21st December 2024


Ganesha says for Aries, this week of January 2024 will bring expansion in your faith, good times for students, and luck. You may feel quite courageous this week. You will be ready to take risks and explore new paths. You will have a strong desire to seek a deeper purpose and seek new experiences beyond your normal routine. Anything that expands your life experiences will draw your attention and interest during this time. Your boss and colleagues at work will be happy with your work and you will appreciate them and become an inspiration for them. Enemies may try to make some false allegations against you but you will be successful in ignoring such negativity, it is advised to avoid any difficult situations this week. Financially this is a good time for you. You will be able to enjoy the material comforts of life and spend money wherever you want in your personal life. There may be some misunderstandings and conflict of opinions with your spouse but things will be resolved with polite and positive conversation. There may be short trips to religious places with family and friends over the weekend. Health will remain strong throughout the week and energy levels will remain high.

Weekly Horoscope: Check Astrological prediction from 15th to 21st January
Weekly Horoscope: Check Astrological prediction from 15th to 21st January


Ganesha says this week of January 2024 will be important for Taurus people regarding financial gains, and negativity with in-laws and higher officials in the office. In this week you will go through some major events in your personality and inner life. You will remove negative thoughts or get rid of your bad habits. With this, you will bring positive changes in your life. This week you will be more interested than usual in knowing the secrets of life and will be attracted to astrology for positivity. At work you will not be satisfied with leaving things as they are, you will try to transform them into something better with your skills. You would like to finish ongoing projects as soon as possible and start a new project. However, there may be a conflict between the boss and higher officials regarding work. You may argue with them. Try to remain calm and control your speech. Financially, you will have some interactions with your family regarding joint resources and investments. Previous investments may prove profitable and start giving good returns. This is an opportune time to make a budget or stable financial plan. There are signs of separation from your in-laws in your personal life also. Try to establish positive interactions with them as bad relations with them will also bring problems in your marital life.

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Ganesha says for Gemini people, this week of January 2024 will be seen having an impact on spending time with like-minded people, minor problems in marital life and professional relationships. This week you can spend more time with self-motivated people who have similar interests. Spending time networking and in social groups will be very beneficial in your career. You will focus on balancing your interests and objectives with your social life. You are advised not to succumb too much to someone else's wishes even for your work. Be a diplomatic person and build relationships and strategies with diplomacy. This week your popularity will increase but your ego and pride may also increase which can create problems in the future. Work progress will be slow and you may face some obstacles which you will be able to overcome with the help of your juniors and colleagues. There will be progress in business and you will emerge as a leader. Your ordering skills will be appreciated. You may face some kind of shock in your personal life. There is also a possibility of marital disputes. Misunderstandings will dominate marital life. The debate is likely to generate more negativity. You are advised to remain very calm in matters of relationships and control your anger. Your health will be good, you will enjoy tremendous energy levels and enthusiasm throughout the week.


Ganesha says this week of January 2024 will be important for Cancer people to focus on health, personal beauty, and daily routine. This week you will focus on becoming more efficient at work by improving your skills and knowledge in your work field. You will also start improving your leadership and commanding skills. Colleagues and bosses will fully support you. This will be a good week to approach superiors for a salary increase. Even though there may be some obstacles in your work this week, you will remain completely optimistic and deal with them like a leader. You are advised not to be too arrogant or stubborn at your workplace and maintain a polite attitude with your colleagues. This will be a good week to bring order to life by focusing on the small things that make life better. You will also focus on the things that are not right for you and discover new strategies for growth in life. Marital life will be better and you will spend good, affectionate time with your relationship partner. You can also take a long journey this week. There will be some expenses but nothing big or unnecessary. If there is any legal matter going on then you may get good news this week.


Ganesha says for Leo, this week of January 2024 will focus on their romantic life, increased social interactions, and creative advancement in careers. This week you will be creative and emotionally inspired. There will be a desire for adventure and risky decisions in the workplace. You will use creative and out-of-the-box ideas and strategies for career advancement. Your new ideas will remove all the obstacles at work. Your seniors will be happy with your work and you will get a lot of praise from your juniors. Your enemies and competitors will not be able to ruin your work or tarnish your image in your office. However, try to avoid arguments with anyone in your office. This is a good week for profits. The pace of business will also be good. This week you may meet a very old friend and start socializing with them more. Apart from friends, networking for a career will also be beneficial for you which will be very beneficial for your future career prospects. In your personal life, you will experience really happy moments with your spouse or relationship partner. A short romantic trip is also indicated. You will be able to strengthen your relationship with your partner and will also come closer. Your health will be very strong and your energy levels will be much higher than in previous weeks.


Ganesha says for Virgo, this week of January 2024 may bring discussions on family inheritance, good family life, and improvement in the standard of living. This week you will have a strong desire to know about cultural aspects and family heritage. You can travel to your village or home and also meet extended family. There may be a family function or a family get-together where you will get to know more about your family. This week indicates a very peaceful and harmonious family life for you, due to which you will remain mentally happy and satisfied. However, there is a possibility of ego conflict with some family members this week. You are advised that the best way to handle such energy is to try your best to strengthen relationships with your family and stay away from any negative family politics. This week, a plan can be made to buy items for home decoration or to improve the standard of living. Your reputation may suffer due to enemies at the workplace. Some rumors may also spread, which may hamper career growth. You have to win the trust of your boss and superiors and communicate with them directly about the current situation. Your physical and mental health will be good. Energy levels will be good, but sometimes you may feel tired.


Ganesha says for Libra, this week of January 2024 may bring good communication skills, a positive week for students, and beneficial networking. This week you will find yourself more creative and communicating better in meetings. This week will give you the necessary energy to remain engaged in work and face challenges. With the help of diplomacy and good communication skills, you will be able to impress everyone in the office and also get the long pending promotion. Due to your gentle and good communication skills, the number of customers in your business will increase. This week will be especially good for content creators, marketing people, and politicians. Your social contacts will be good during this week, which will help in building relationships and expanding your social and professional circle. You will see a lot of love and romance in your personal life. If there was any lack of communication in your married life, then everything will be resolved this week and with the help of positive conversations, you will strengthen your relationship. Students may also get positive news, especially if they are planning to go abroad for higher education. You may face some problems with your siblings and you will not be able to connect with them.


Ganesha says this week of January 2024 will be important for Scorpio to focus more on financial resources, social status, and marital bliss. This week you will be more concerned about financial security and stability. Finances will be your driving force this week, you may be interested in accumulating more assets. You will start putting maximum energy into work and money. You will also prevent yourself from making unnecessary purchases. More and more work will make you feel good and lead you to the position you want in your career. You can also find an alternative or passive source of income. Profit will be good in business, especially in family business. The pace of business will be fast and you will enjoy all the material comforts. Relationships with superiors and higher officials will be very beneficial in the coming days. You will experience marital happiness in your personal life. Single people may meet their potential partners at a social function. Physical and mental health will be good. The overall energy level will be at its best. This week is also not good for single people. You may suffer from a headache in the middle of the week but your energy level will remain good.


Ganesha says for Sagittarius, this week of January 2024 will bring optimism, increased motivation, and a strong sense of individuality. This week you will have a strong desire for personal growth and learning about yourself. Everyone will want to spend time with you because of your self-motivation, vibrancy, and strong attitude at the workplace. Your work and dedication will inspire your superiors and colleagues. You will be able to find solutions to problems easily and will see significant growth in your career. Profit in business will increase and all the efforts made in work will start bearing fruit. It is important not to make impulsive decisions this week and to do thorough research and analysis before making any major decisions. In your personal life, there may be some arguments with your spouse and separation for a short period but positive discussions and understanding will strengthen the bond. Single people will focus on themselves and will be able to attract everyone around them. There is a possibility of meeting a like-minded partner this week. Your health will remain strong and your energy levels and enthusiasm will remain very high. You will adopt good habits for your physical fitness and start taking care of both physical and mental health.


Ganesha says for Capricorns, this week of January 2024 will bring unnecessary expenses, marital problems, and introspection. This week is the perfect time to understand your thoughts and feelings and remove negative thoughts. With its help, you will be able to find solutions to your problems and gain valuable information for personal progress. You will be able to take on leadership roles at work, but with the help of others and this may also involve taking some favors. Enemies may give you some minor troubles throughout the week and may create hindrances in your reputation. Financially, there will be a lot of unnecessary expenses which will bother you and affect your savings. Marital life can also create problems for you and cause mental stress. There will be less physical intimacy, and you will not have the desire to make things better. You will have a good time meditating and understanding the spiritual and astrological processes of life and will be able to find solutions to them. Your health will remain fine. However, a headache may bother you in the middle of the week. Energy will be a little less this week. You are advised not to bring ego into the discussion and try to understand your sibling's point of view. Your physical and mental health will be good and your energy levels will be high.


Ganesha says for Aquarius people, this week of January 2024 will bring networking, seriousness toward life goals, and a good social circle. This week you will have a good time in social groups and with friends. There are indications that with the help of a friend you may be able to find a solution to the problem. One of your friends may help you with career growth and financial opportunities. Innovative ideas will help you move forward in your career. You will have a good reputation among your superiors and higher officials. You will be more serious about your aspirations and try to make strategies to get there soon. Your personal life will be full of affection and charity. You will be able to have a good time in your relationship with your spouse or partner. There are also indications of a short trip with your lover. Understanding between couples will increase which will help them take new steps in their relationship. Your physical and mental health will be good and your energy level will also be better.


Ganesha says for Pisces, this week of January 2024 will bring career growth, meeting higher officials, and public recognition. This week your entire focus will be on your career and you will have to take on more responsibilities. With the help of meetings with government officials and higher officials, you will be able to make tremendous progress in your career this week. Business will grow tremendously and you will enjoy a very strong financial position. It is advised not to be arrogant and stubborn during this period and try to keep your attitude humble for more benefits. In your personal life, you will not be able to spend much time with your spouse or family. Everything will be civilized and normal. This week there is also a possibility of an argument with your mother or any motherly person in the family. This week your physical and mental health will be absolutely fine and your energy levels and enthusiasm will be at their best.

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