Weekly Numerology Predictions from 25th September to 1st October, 2023

Sep 25, 2023 05:00 AM IST

Bejan Daruwala's son Chirag Daruwala writes weekly numerology predictions on Find the best predictions for these numbers here.


Ganesha says finances will be stable but you need to keep a check on your savings. There is a fear that you may spend all your income on unnecessary expenses. Make a list of the essential things you need on a monthly basis. Thus you will be able to know about your financial position and will be able to improve your income level on a proper basis. Your partner will have a calm and stable nature which will help you in achieving mental satisfaction. Once you start communicating with your partner you will also get effective solutions to all your problems in life. If you are really serious about your relationship then this is a good time to think about marriage. Make sure that the other person also gets a chance to put forward his or her concerns and problems in life. This week will bring good luck and happiness in your life. It is essential to realize your abilities so that you can use each of them to make your life even better. Money is not everything in life, you also need mental peace and satisfaction. So you should give up some opportunities to achieve materialistic things and enjoy your life in a better way.

Read your free weekly numerology predictions on Find out what the planets have predicted for these numbers fromSeptember to 1st October 2023.(shutterstock)
Read your free weekly numerology predictions on Find out what the planets have predicted for these numbers fromSeptember to 1st October 2023.(shutterstock)


Ganesha says take control of your finances to bring stability to life. You are solely responsible for maintaining a stable financial position for yourself and your family. Take important opportunities to invest so that you can get significant profits in the long run. It is also important to explain to your family how money can help you improve your standard of living. Only then will they be able to save your income in later life. You need to manage your love life in such a way that you can trust your partner and maintain a healthy relationship. Focus on the things that are causing you so much fuss on a day-to-day basis, and make sure you are able to eliminate all the problems. You need to interact with each other to get the best solution and improve your life in general. Married couples will enjoy their relationship in the best way this week. Be active this week to become rich. You should understand your priorities in life instead of blindly following professional commitments. Sometimes, you need to be quiet to let things happen with the flow. Very soon you will be able to achieve your position in something that you are interested in doing, which will directly help you in getting mental satisfaction soon.

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Ganesha says finances will be great and you will get a lot of time to think about the major financial issues in your life at present. It would be better if you do not involve any stranger in your financial decisions, no matter how difficult the situation becomes. Explain your situation to your family so that they can cooperate accordingly. This is the best time to invest in risky prospects because the timing is lucky for you. Talk to your partner about personal issues so that all doubts are cleared and you are able to maintain a healthy relationship. This is not just about trust issues, but also about your personal concerns that you should share together. Otherwise, you will have to face repeated problems in your love life which will become impossible to eliminate after some time. If you are seriously thinking about a stable relationship together, marriage is also a possibility. This week is all about your way of balancing your life and choosing what is best for you. It will be a challenge not to lose interest while trying to please everyone. However, you can do both if you have the confidence and determination to conquer problems. It may seem difficult at first but you will gradually be able to overcome the trouble and have the best life ahead.


Ganesha says if you are facing a financial crisis, it is your immediate responsibility to take care of your finances. Focus on the bigger goal and involve your family in important financial decisions. It is important to ask permission from your elders so that you can get good advice regarding financial issues. You will be able to improve your savings with the help of professional guidance this week. Your love relationship is going to go through some problems. However, your partner will support you no matter what. Focus on the problems in your relationship and try to resolve the issues together as a couple. Very soon you will enjoy happiness and maintain a healthy relationship that you can be proud of. You know how people can harm your special relationship, so try to keep things a secret as much as possible. This week will help you learn a lot about ways to improve your life in general. Spend your free time reading books to gain knowledge. It will also help you utilize time and learn about a lot of concepts. Work on yourself regularly so that you can see positive changes by the end of the year. Till then you need to work hard to accomplish things.


Ganesha says making a financial plan from the beginning will improve your current financial situation. You can also do this on your own, so it is not a good idea to seek professional help. Otherwise, you will have to face fraud for which you yourself will be responsible. Involve your family members so you can improve your savings together as a team. Investing in mutual funds is also a good idea, but be very careful about their authenticity. Spend quality time with your lover this week and focus on your relationship more than ever. This should be your priority so that you can save your relationship and create a special bond. This week your partner may be a loving person who can take care of you. You should be careful of what people say about your relationship and try not to pay attention to negative comments. You will achieve personal and professional success which will help you think better about your future. Things will get better once you start focusing on yourself and have the confidence to take risks in life. The movement of planets is in your favor. So try to give it your best so that you can succeed without anyone's help.


Ganesha says it's important to keep everyone on board regarding financial issues so you can make efforts as a team. Apart from this, you should also have important discussions about the financial issues in your family so that everyone becomes concerned and responsible. Your love life is going to be great this week. You will enjoy happiness and pleasure. Your relationship with your partner will be special where you can share everything without any hesitation. It's special to have someone with whom you can share your concerns and get effective solutions. This is a lucky time to get married, and if you are serious in your relationship then you should give it due consideration. This week you will try to do things your own way. Make sure your efforts are recognized by the people who matter to you. Once you are able to secure a stable position, you can experiment with your talents and look for better opportunities. Till then you should wait patiently and complete your responsibilities at the right time. Very soon you can achieve huge success in your personal and professional life.


Ganesha says your finances will show positive changes and it will provide you with many options. It's important to manage your finances yourself so you have an indication of each change. Do not trust strangers with confidential issues regarding your financial situation. It would be better if you wait for the right opportunities and control your finances yourself. Your love life can help you prosper as a person. You have built a good relationship with your partner, and you just need to maintain this relationship. Very soon you will be able to see positive developments that will help you improve your relationship. If you are really sure about the future of your relationship right now then it is a good time to get married. This week you will need to pay more attention to some issues. You have maintained a perfect relationship with everyone around you, and this is indeed a great achievement. However, this week you will have to face minor problems with your family and relatives. This will cause frustration and disagreement. Focus on your personal life so that you are able to maintain the right balance. Soon, you will be able to get rid of problems and start life afresh.


Ganesha says finances will be stable and investment opportunities will also make their way into your life very soon. Till then you need to save your money so that you can look for good opportunities to increase your income level. It is better to trust investment officers about risky prospects. In this situation, there will be no fear of fraud and irregularities. Be very careful in money matters and do not share confidential information. Your partner will appreciate your ability to balance your life and enjoy the little moments. Spend quality time together this weekend to improve your bond. Your relationship will depend entirely on your efforts to love and care for your partner. Express your concerns and everything that is troubling you from within, and let your partner understand you completely. This week will teach you new lessons of life that will help you grow as a mature person. You need to take care of personal issues so that it does not hinder your professional growth. It is very important to utilize all the opportunities during this time so that you do not have regrets later. This will be a positive time that will help you prosper as an individual.


Ganesha says pay attention to your finances this week and try to improve them as quickly as possible. Otherwise, it will be impossible for you to return to your previous position. Your savings will play a very important role in determining a stable future so try to increase them as much as possible. You will also get many opportunities to improve your finances such as benefits from inheritance and more. You need to maintain a healthy relationship with your partner so that you can share everything together as a couple. It is also important to avoid negative comments from people around you, otherwise, you will not be able to make the right decision. Understand the importance of paying attention to your relationship this week more than ever. Try to keep the happiness alive by speaking your heart out and enjoying small happy moments together. This week is going to be good for your professional and personal commitments. You may finally be able to achieve the stability in your life that you were looking for. Make this week a memorable one by working on your goals and achievements in life. You will never find such advantageous circumstances later in life. Seize this moment and make it a memorable one by working very hard this week.


Ganesha says you need to control your finances so that you have enough savings. Beware of fraud regarding your finances so that you can improve your current financial situation. Explain to your family the value of money and your income and also how you need to save it for a better lifestyle. Capricorn Money and Finance Horoscope 2023 suggests that this is a good time to invest in risky prospects. Your love relationships are going to prosper and you will also be able to communicate effectively with your partner. You need to support each other so that you can get rid of complicated situations and achieve success individually. It is also important to express your concerns as often as possible to avoid misconceptions. This is a great time to plan a trip together and improve your bond. This week could be special on many levels. You will have the courage and confidence to start something new. This will help you achieve success, and you will have a strong foundation of your own. This will help you to stabilize your life forever, this way you will be able to manage your personal and professional life. It is important to take risks now so that you can enjoy and prosper later.


Ganesha says financially you will enjoy stability which will help you plan better for your future. Your family will also cooperate greatly in this regard. Take control of your finances on your own so you can make important decisions and stay connected to your financial situation. It is also a good idea to invest in startups because of the opportunities to scale up later. Your relationship with your partner is something you should be proud of. Make efforts to improve the relationship and spend a lot of time together. You should also share your concerns so you don't feel guilty later. On the other hand, your partner will be a loving person who will understand your efforts and respond accordingly. There is nothing to worry about so try to be patient right now. You will be very active this week. This is going to help you improve your life in general and make way for new beginnings. You should be considerate of others' feelings and communicate with people frequently. This is a great way to boost your mental health and find someone with whom you can share everything. This week will help you find new friends.


Ganesha says to organize your finances so that you can invest in profitable resources at the right time. Now is the time to make your savings as good as possible so that you are able to take on risky investment projects. There is a possibility of profit from inheritance, so you need to wait for opportunities to improve your current financial situation. In this regard, you will get full support from your family which will help you in increasing your savings quickly. According to Pisces Love Horoscope 2023, your relationship with your partner will be very good. Focus on your bonding more than anything else so that you can help each other and solve problems together. You must work as a team to get things done as quickly as possible. You will face trust and bonding issues, but your partner will try to get the issues resolved as soon as possible. This week is going to be a positive time for you regarding personal commitments and professional growth in life. You will understand your ability to turn things in your favor when everything else is going wrong. This means that once you are able to work independently you can become independent on your own terms. You have the potential to achieve great things, so try to keep your mind focused on your career right now.

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