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The Hanged man card : Here are the meanings of both upright and reversed in matters of love, career and health

Oct 18, 2023 01:58 PM IST

Here are the meanings of both upright and reversed in the Hanged Man card in matters of love, career and health.

The Hanged Man Tarot Card - A Symbolic Perspective

The Hanged Man tarot card embodies deep symbolism, offering profound insights when drawn in a reading. In its upright position, this card serves as a call for pause and reflection. It advises letting go of outdated beliefs, behaviors, or thought patterns that might be hindering personal growth. In this pause, there exists an opportunity to perceive life from a fresh angle, unlocking hidden possibilities. It suggests that resisting this pause can result in the universe's forceful intervention.

The image shows the hanged man tarot card.(Pixabay)
The image shows the hanged man tarot card.(Pixabay)

Description of Hanged Man card

The Hanged Man's image tells a compelling story. It portrays a man who, despite his upside-down position, appears calm and peaceful. This is no accident; he has willingly chosen this state of suspension. His feet are bound to the living tree, but one foot is free and bent at the knee, tucked behind the other leg, symbolizing an element of choice within the constraints. His hands are positioned behind his back in the shape of an inverted triangle. The colors he wears hold significance, with red pants representing human passion and the physical body and a blue top symbolizing emotional calm. Additionally, a halo surrounds his head, signifying enlightenment and newfound awareness.

Love and Relationships in the Hanged Man

When the Hanged Man appears in the context of love and relationships, in an upright position, it advises singles to be patient and refrain from rushing into new connections. It underscores the importance of timing and encourages introspection to understand personal desires better. For those in established relationships, it suggests taking a step back to reassess the situation and consider what aspects work well rather than focusing on what doesn't.

In the reversed position, the Hanged Man indicates that the time for waiting is over. It suggests that one's romantic life may have experienced a slowdown, leading to a period of reflection. This newfound perspective might propel one to make changes or take action. However, it also acts as a caution against making unnecessary sacrifices in the name of love. Balancing needs in a relationship is vital.

Financial Insights with the Hanged Man

In the upright position, the Hanged Man urges a change in financial perspective. It is a reminder that challenging financial situations can be opportunities in disguise. Sometimes, financial anxieties may lead to an overemphasis on difficulties, causing positive aspects to be overlooked. It advises patience during financial struggles, emphasizing the importance of consistent effort.

When reversed, the Hanged Man signals hesitation in financial decisions. It suggests that past sacrifices may not have yielded the expected results, offering valuable lessons for handling similar situations in the future. This card may also indicate a paralyzing fear of financial difficulty and encourages seeking professional financial advice when needed.

Career Guidance from the Hanged Man

In the upright position, the Hanged Man embodies a message of waiting and reassessment in one's career. It emphasizes the productivity of taking a pause before making pivotal decisions. Forcing situations may not be the best course of action, and instead, it advises strategic pauses over hasty choices.

Conversely, in the reversed position, the Hanged Man calls for taking control of one's career. It encourages active participation in shaping one's professional path and setting clear career goals. It reminds individuals that they are not passive passengers in their careers but active decision-makers.

The Hanged Man's Wisdom on Health

When the Hanged Man appears in matters of health in an upright position, it advises thinking outside the box to address health problems. This may include exploring holistic approaches to health and recognizing how life factors can impact one's well-being. Stress, emotional turmoil, and worry may manifest physically and affect overall health, emphasizing the need for a multifaceted approach to well-being.

In the reversed position, the Hanged Man signifies acceptance in health matters. It suggests that resisting the current health situation is a source of frustration. Instead, it encourages an adaptive approach to health, living in the present moment and letting go of idealized expectations regarding health conditions.

Single Card Readings with the Hanged Man

In single card readings with the Hanged Man, the card's orientation provides concise answers:

In the upright position, it signifies "Yes."

In the reversed position, it denotes "No."

Timing with the Hanged Man

Understanding the timing associated with the Hanged Man entails recognizing the need to surrender control. It encourages embracing the present situation, even if it appears unfavorable. As an individual navigates this surrender and change in perspective, the timeline can vary. With the Hanged Man associated with Neptune and Pisces, the timing may encompass a span of 12 weeks, months, or even days, signifying that a shift in perspective and life events unfolds over time.

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