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This monsoon, it’s raining raagas, splashing colours

For the artistic community in Bhopal the typical monsoon conditions are causing great effusion in their imagination, leading to creations that are unique.
Hindustan Times | By Shahroz Afridi, Bhopal
UPDATED ON JUL 29, 2013 11:40 AM IST

The constant spatter, the cool and wet wind and the varied hues of green meeting the greys of sky at horizon might be making the common citizens just that extra bit romantic, but for the artistic community in city the typical monsoon conditions are causing great effusion in their imagination, leading to creations that are unique.

While music maestros of the city are busy rehearsing and perfecting raagas based on rains literary circle is penning various moods reflected in dark clouds and cleansed nature.

Renowned painter Akhilesh is busy painting a series based on Kalidas’ ‘Ritu Samhar’- a series showing various hues of weather.

“I was in Mandu last year along with some other artist friends to remain amidst nature and portray the same on canvas,” said Akhilesh.

It is not necessary that you paint what you see, nature and the elements inspire you with new ideas and suggest combinations of new colours, added Akhilesh.

Famous Dhrupad singers Gundecha brothers’ Dhrupad music school is abuzz with rain raagas.

“There is huge range of compositions and raagas based on rains and monsoon in Indian classical music,” said Padamshri awardee Ramakant Gundecha.

The way Indian poets have described rainy weather and its effect on human minds is incomparable and when its sung in rain-based raagas like Raag Megh, Raag Miyan Malhar, Raag Des etc, that too during rains or sky overcast with dark clouds- it gives immense pleasure and satisfaction, said Gundecha.

V Anuradha Singh experiments with ‘Ghunghroo’ and compares its sounds with splash of raindrops.

She had prepared special compositions on rain based classical thumris.

Poet and critic Dhruv Shukla says no litterateur had remained untouched from effect of rain and monsoon, starting from Mahakavi Valmiki to contemporary like Harvansh Rai Bachchan.

Bhopal had always been a hub of artists and many programmes based on the season are organised.

Malhaar festival is organised at about dozen places all over India.

In Bhopal, Bharat Bhavan is organising DadraKajri festival this week.

Hindi Bhavan held a ‘Pavas (monsoon) literary festival’ last week, besides several programmes by Culture Department.

Apart from these, there are several literary organisations that organise various cultural events during monsoon season to provide platform to local talents.

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