Sunny Leone: I am not scared of people’s judgments or opinions. Watch video

Sunny Leone refuses to let people’s judgment define her. She speaks about presenting her real story in a web series, her children and why how she expects more from Bollywood.
Sunny Leone opens up about presenting her life as a web series, her children and life in Bollywood.
Sunny Leone opens up about presenting her life as a web series, her children and life in Bollywood.
Updated on Sep 15, 2018 08:34 AM IST
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Hindustan Times | ByJyoti Sharma Bawa, New Delhi

Sunny Leone’s life and career has been seen through many prisms, especially given her star status in a largely prudish India where sexuality is repressed and crime against women are rampant. While she and her career are often challenged, film industry’s self-confessed Baby Doll refuses to bow down to public opinion.

Sunny is ready with the second season of her web show, Karenjit Kaur: The Untold Story of Sunny Leone, on ZEE 5, and she has no qualms of putting her life out there for the world to see and judge. “I don’t know if my decisions are brave or just crazy. I haven’t figured it out yet,” she said, while adding, “The show was a lot harder to shoot than I thought it was going to be.” Karenjit Kaur’s second season will document Sunny’s rise to fame as one of the most popular faces in the adult entertainment industry and her troubled relationship with her mother.

A still from Sunny Leone’s web series, Karenjit Kaur: the Untold Story of Sunny Leone.
A still from Sunny Leone’s web series, Karenjit Kaur: the Untold Story of Sunny Leone.

Did she fear public opinion when she invited the world to witness her life’s most important moments? “I am not afraid of people’s opinions or judgment of my life story. I just think what my family or my team members or my parents – if they were alive – would say if they watched it. Would they have approved? They are the only people whose judgment I am concerned about. I have always lived my life thinking of me and my family,” says the soft-spoken Sunny.

Another motif that was used to tell Sunny’s story in the web show was the infamous Bhupendra Chaubey interview. With misogynistic and regressive questions such as ‘lot of married women believe Sunny Leone is a threat to their husbands’ and ‘how many people think of becoming a porn star’, the interview showed Sunny as grace under fire. Wasn’t her first reaction as a woman to walk out of that interview? “There is a moment when he said something and I was about to get up and go, but he said, ‘No, sit down’,” she answers, “I firmly believe in the idea that I will never let anybody get the best of me. If I had walked out of that interview, everything he said about me would have been true. It would have been the confirmation of everything he (insinuated) on that stage.”

Sunny Leone is launching her own production house.
Sunny Leone is launching her own production house.

The aftermath of the interview saw film personalities coming out in the support of Sunny. She was seen in a special song in Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees but Sunny’s career is yet to see an upswing. Could that be due to lack of good offers from the industry? “This show is a perfect example of a small percentage of what I am capable of doing under the right direction. I do believe if I am offered the right project with the right director who really knows how to pull certain things out of me, it will be amazing,” she says.

The actor also blames her reticence for not getting good offers. “I also need to be more social, meet more people. I am working on this. A lot of people have not met me and I think I have not put myself out there,” Sunny believes.

However, for Sunny right now, life is perfect and a large reason for that is her three children – adopted daughter Nisha, and twins Noah and Asher. “My life has changed for the better. All three of my children are so beautiful in their own way and they are so different. Nisha is an angel from god, she is so happy and beautiful. You will never know what she came from and what she has been through if you met her. The boys are seven months old and they have not experienced anything other than love… you want to squeeze them and love them and kiss them. It is so hard to leave the house in the morning,” says the happy mother.

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