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Fundamental fundas

There are some things which only mothers can teach us, says Yojana Sharma.

books Updated: May 21, 2012 15:10 IST
Yojana Sharma (
Yojana Sharma (

Please Mom, It's My Life

Pustak Mahal

Price: Rs 80

Pages: 111

ISBN 81-223-0937-2

"It’s My Life" is unarguably the most common dictum of Gen-Y. You must have heard your kids, nephews, neighbour’s children and whoever sulking and echoing the same sentiment.
Well Pustak Mahal’s latest release, Please Mom It’s My Life, is for the Gen-Y who think they know every thing and should not be taught or guided the fundaas of life.Pustak Mahal has been a respected name in general books and here comes another from their stock. The jacket shows an assertive teenager thumping his chest to prove his point. It goes really 0well with the content of the book.

The book has been written by written by Dr Jaideep Chadha, a Chandigarh-based physician. Interestingly, the author has dedicated the book to his mom. The author begins with"Dedicated to my mother, who tried to teach me but did not succeed." It seems that his teachings in the book are reflections of his own life.

The content has been divided into two parts. Part I has 7 chapters, while part 2 has the bulk of the book with 24 chapters. The books can be completed in one go or can be read in bits and parts, as mentioned in the introduction. Each chapter has some gyaan and practical advice to offer.

Most of the chapters are supplemented with caricatures to make the reading more light. Many chapters open with a wisecrack, which is the chapter’s crux. Author Chadha has written on positive attitude, time management, forgiveness and gratitude. These qualities definitely go a long way towards grooming an individual. The sooner they are learnt, the better. Adolescents seem to be the right target audience for authors and publishers.

Let’s get going. Probably there’s something that only our moms can teach us.

First Published: May 12, 2006 17:51 IST