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Subhasis Das on his latest book

Subhasis Das opens up about his latest book - Mom Says No Girlfriend, the idea of achieving dreams, writing experience and more.

books Updated: Jan 05, 2011 11:42 IST
Divya Goyal, Hindustan Times

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Subhasis Das opens up about his latest book - Mom Says No Girlfriend, the idea of achieving dreams, writing experience and more in an exclusive chat with Divya Goyal.

1.Your first novel (Bowled N the Beautiful) focuses on the life of an athlete your second (Mom Says No Girlfriend) on an ordinary kid who does extraordinarily well with his life. What made you write on this theme?

Ans- Frankly speaking, the book is very much inspired from my life. I too try on doing different things in life. Sometime I succeed and sometime not but still I am always ready for new challenges. I always do what my heart says.... I use my brain for just solving mathematics.

2.What is your opinion on television series (such as Hip Hip Hurray, Remix or even Just Mohabbat), which too embark on similar themes?

Yes, of course! I love these shows. Don't forget to mention Campus and Banegi apni baat. I was a big follower of just mohabbat. The serial was awesome; the characters were real and common. It's pity that we don't have such serials any more. Our channels are full of saans-bahu sagas, no quality at all. Why can't we have good programs like Friends, Hannah Montana, Lizzie McGuire. Even the cartoons of today are bad, no Batman, no Little Lulu, no captain planet or Mickey Mouse. Chotta Bhim and all that stuffs are just crap.

3.How much of your experience at MIT helped in the making of your characters and sequences in the book?

Ans- MIT actually acquainted me with the author in me. I owe my success to my friends from Aurangabad. But then, my second book has got nothing from it. I have actually written more about my school days. My first book was based on MIT.

4.You have introduced yourself as a character in the novel that is to write the story of the protagonist. Who are Sam and Pogo?

Ans- That's actually my style of writing, every book of mine has a character named Subho who's actually the author because I don't want to be recognized as the protagonist, for obvious reasons! Anyway, I'm more like the Sam from the book and Pogo is inspired from a school friend.

5.Are you trying to warn "interfering Mom's"?

Ans- Not at all! I write books just to entertain people and not to warn or inspire.

6.Like the case with Sam, students today are more interested in making their vocation through their avocation but are often discouraged by their parents. What do wish to say to such parents?

Ans- Today's youth search for passion and not jobs..... (Taken from an advertisement but that's the truth.) I would suggest Parents to let their children pursue their likings and not force them what parents had not done in their life. Today's youth are smarter.

7.Often students are unsuccessful in reaching their desired vocation by chasing after their dreams. What would you advice them?

Ans- Having a passion is just not enough, you need to have right channels and source. Today's world is very bad and one should be very careful while dealing with people. Don't trust blindly. I, myself have been a victim. I wasn't paid a penny for my first book and the publishers are still selling my books. I will soon take a legal action against them. Luckily, I am now working with good people who are very much professional and believe in quality and not quantity.

8.Do you believe that absolute freedom corrupts a person who has, like Sam, yearned to be spared from the clutches of an interfering parent?

Ans- Ofcourse! it does. It happened to me. I actually saw some worst days of my life in college when I was left independent at hostel. With independence come more responsibilities and one needs to balance them properly or face disaster. But then, it actually made me very strong from inside. I finally learnt to take my own decision which helped me to succeed both as an engineer and author.

9.Since you have written plays, would you say writing a play is more difficult than writing a novel?

Ans- Writing a novel is more tough in many way. Novel takes more time, effort and patience but then it also gives more attention, fame, and recognition.

First Published: Jan 05, 2011 11:42 IST