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The HT-Penguin India One Amazing Story contest

We asked you to write a 125-150 words mini story about an amazing incident in your life. Over 600 entries not only left us amazed but also gave a tough time to our judges.

books Updated: May 21, 2010 20:21 IST
Hindustan Times

Penguin contestWe asked you to write a 125-150 words mini story about an amazing incident in your life. Over 600 entries not only left us amazed but also gave a tough time to our judges, Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, author of One Amazing Thing and Penguin India’s editorial team. Here are the three winning entries:


Suneetha B, Trivandrum

Handled With Care
In February 1990, there was a taxi-auto flash strike in my city and I was in labour. The neighbour’s car, which was taking me to the hospital, failed on the way. In a few minutes, some local people gathered and put their hands to the car; I sat inside, biting my lips. The car now moved but on human power; the engine was still silent. The helping hands fell away and one of them shouted, “Saar! Call a mechanic!”

It was barely a few hundred metres to the hospital but I was in no shape to walk it down. My moan this time escaped my lips. The feet that were scuttling away stopped, and heads turned. In seconds, a few more pairs of hands put together on the car pushed it and me all the way to the hospital.

In barely three hours, my son smiled at this amazing world.

Sudipta Chatterjee, Kolkata

Aunt Boolti’s Magic
The first time Aunt Boolti was chased by her handsome dentist for a date, she was flustered. “Imagine,” she exclaimed, as if announcing the end of the world, “he wants a date with me!” “Well, what do you know,” folks rolled their eyes.

Aunt Boolti was ugly and without attitude. Her face seemed to have been sat upon by an elephant. Even she didn’t believe in herself. The second time, she had a twinkle in her button-eyes. “He laughs when I remind him I’m ugly.”

The third time, they were married and Aunt Boolti had stars for eyes. “It takes all sorts,” observed folks critically. I watched the magic. Of being happy somehow. Of love and nothing else mattering. It was remarkable.

I was watching Aunt Boolti grow beautiful.

Anil Bindra, Bhatinda

My Friend... Nikhil
Nikhil was my very good friend. But he was not intelligent and always used to copy his notes from me. Once I was hospitalised due to a stomach ache where I discovered that both my kidneys needed to be changed. Nikhil came to visit me just once. All hopes of my survival were going down when from nowhere I got two kidneys from a single donor miraculously. I recovered soon, but I was very angry with Nikhil who always used me but never came to visit me. I went to his home to fight with him but found out that he was no more. He suffered from blood cancer and fought a legal battle to get a mercy death so that he could donate his kidneys to me as only his ‘A negative’ blood group matched mine. He showed real friendship. Thank you, Nikhil.

Early bird winners
Suman Kamath, Thane, Mumbai
Sidharth Gupta, New Delhi
Amritansu Nanda, New Delhi
Amrinder Bajaj, New Delhi
Anasua Roy, New Delhi
Rajdeep Dutta, Kolkata
Neelkanth Pan, Jharkhand

First Published: May 21, 2010 20:13 IST