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The Ultimate Business Quiz Book

Did you know Coca-Cola was initially a medicine meant to cure depression! Or what kind of an animal is the reebok?

books Updated: Feb 06, 2003 11:20 IST

Volume 1
Derek O’Brien
Penguin Books
New Delhi, 2002
Price Rs 195 (Paperback)

Did you know Coca-Cola was initially a medicine meant to cure depression and other ailments! Or that William Randolph Hearst did everything possible to stop the release of Citizen Kane as it was based on his life? Or what kind of an animal is the reebok, after which the famous shoe brand is named?

These are just a sampling of the questions that this collection by quiz whiz Derek O’Brien, one of the most famous names in quizzing in India and best known for the long running Bournvita Quiz Contest.

This 1000-question book, has been subdivided into 40 sections of 25 questions each. While there are three general sections, all the others are based on the specific subjects.

These range from the expected ones like Marketing (which has two sections), Advertising, Banking, Economics to rather unusual ones like Brand Names to Business in Entertainment, Inventors in Business, even East India Company and Coca-Cola.

Some business big shots have sections to themselves - JRD Tata, GD Birla, Warren Buffet, David Ogilvy, Tom Peters and Peter Drucker. Others figure with the companies they are associated with - Bill Gates and Microsoft, Alfred P Sloan and General Motors, Jack Welch and GE and Richard Branson and the Virgin Group.

Besides the questions, each section also has related snippet boxes, which make the sections even more interesting. And what is best, this book is apparently just Volume 1, which means quizzers can look forward to another (or maybe more) installment(s).

O’Brien, who has been an economic journalist, besides doing the Brand Equity Quiz, is particularly well suited for the subject. The questions are well chosen and cover a wide range of this entrepreneurial human activity.

For all the business quiz buffs who were tired of getting questions like who succeeded Bahadur Shah Zafar I as the Mughal emperor or the what is the capital of East Timor, here at last is a quiz book they can sink their teeth in!

First Published: Aug 08, 2002 12:00 IST