10 hangover cures you’ve probably never heard of
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10 hangover cures you’ve probably never heard of

Charge up the morning after with these sure-fire fixes

brunch Updated: Dec 17, 2016 18:57 IST
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Don’t let those mean headaches and puffy eyes stop you from partying your heart out this season(Getty Images)

Blessed are those who never get a hangover even after drinking like a fish all night. But for the less fortunate of us, don’t let those mean headaches and puffy eyes stop you from partying your heart out this happy season. We present 10 unusual cures for your morning-after blues.

Drink some more alcohol

Instead of a single malt, opt for a vodka-based cocktail (Shutterstock)

Yes, you read that right. But don’t go straight for your favourite single malt. Master mixologist Yangdup Lama, who owns the Gurgaon-based Cocktails & Dreams Speakeasy, swears by vodka to cure a bad hangover. He suggests shaking up a Bloody Bloody Mary with vodka (45ml), fresh lime juice (15ml), coriander paste (5ml), 1 slit green chilli, 3 drops each of truffle oil, Tabasco and Worcestershire sauce. Finally, top it up with 60ml of fresh tomato puree.

And some more!

Try a vodka -based drink infused with lime and orange juice, Tabasco and sweet vermouth (Shutterstock)

Some drinks give you hangovers, some cure them. Corpse Reviver is a family of cocktails that has been known to cure hangovers throughout history. Most of its recipes have been lost to time, but Lama has saved an easy vodka-based one up his sleeve. It is simply 45ml of the liquor shaken and served on crushed ice with fresh lime juice (15ml), fresh orange juice (60ml), 2 drops of Tabasco and 10ml of sweet vermouth.

Burn it up

If even the thought of more alcohol makes you nauseous, then burn that nasty hangover. Oh don’t start groaning just yet – we don’t want you to hit the treadmill. Because mixologist and beverages consultant Irfan Ahmed has a quick recipe that means you needn’t move many muscles.

He suggests a shot of one teaspoon each of Worcestershire sauce and lime juice, mixed with 4 drops of Tabasco, 5 drops of angostura bitters, and half a teaspoon of cumin powder+chaat masala+black pepper+salt. Top off with some fizzy ginger ale, and you’re sure to knock your hangover out.

Grab the hair of the dog

A concoction made with fresh orange, lime and ginger juice, maple syrup and a pinch of paprika lessens the effect of a hangover (Shutterstock)

No, not literally! No dog will be harmed in the making of this cure. ‘Hair of the dog’ is a colloquial expression that refers to alcohol consumed with the aim of lessening the effects of a hangover. Lama has an alcohol-free version of this remedy. It includes fresh orange juice (60ml), fresh ginger juice (5ml), maple syrup (10ml), fresh lime juice (10ml) and half a pinch of paprika – all shaken with lots of ice.

Keep calm and simply have a buttered toast

Toasted bread slathered with honey and butter can work wonders for a hangover (Shutterstock)

If the thought of mixing up these concoctions above while nursing a headache gives you a worse headache, then just keep it simple and turn on the toaster. Ahmed suggests that you apply generous layers of butter and honey on a piece of hot toast, sprinkle some Italian pizza spice mix and have it with two to three glasses of water.

Turn to Jim Morrison for help

Author Patrick Meanor ‘s Jim Morrison Hangover Cure comprises an ice-cold watermelon, sprinkled with lots of salt (Shutterstock)

In the hilarious hangover help-book The Wrath of Grapes: A Complete Hangover Cookbook & Guide to the Art of Creative Suffering, author Patrick Meanor lists a cure which he calls the ‘Jim Morrison Hangover Cure’: an entire ice-cold watermelon sprinkled with lots of salt. “Bury your feverish face in it for maximum results,” he suggests. We suggest that you enjoy it slowly with some Doors for company.

Shake it baby

No, not your sore legs from your all-night drunk dancing. We mean a very thick milk shake, particularly vanilla or chocolate. Have it with a wholewheat toast drenched in butter with a little garlic salt sprinkled on it. It’s “our four-star second most highly recommended elixir, after gazpacho,” Meanor writes in his book.

Do something cheesy

Adding cheese to some hot soup is a delicious way to get rid of a hangover (Shutterstock)

And we don’t mean turning up at your beloved’s with a bunch of flowers and some chocolate, while looking like a wreck. Make or order in some hot onion soup and add lots and lots of Parmesan and Swiss cheese to it. Meanor suggests that you have it with garlic bread, which is also loaded with more Parmesan cheese. Definitely a very cheesy, very delicious way to get rid of a hangover.

Deny it, hide it, rock it

Just because you have a terrible hangover and no time to take care of it with any of the above, doesn’t mean you can’t make it to that important morning meeting in time and still look like a million bucks. Publicist and serial party hopper Aleem Siddiqi has a brilliant trick to hide your hangover if you can’t get over it. “Use concealer,” he says simply. Dab it around your puffy eyes, on your sweaty forehead and you’re good to go. “Down an aerated beverage on the way, just in case,” he adds.

Make some love

While there is no conclusive research on whether sex can cure a hangover, there is some science behind its effectiveness (Shutterstock)

If all else fail, have sex. And then sleep it off. There is no conclusive research yet that proves sex cures hangovers, but there is some science behind its effectiveness. According to the Alcohol Hangover Research Group, there is a build-up of cytokines in our body after a session of drinking. These little proteins make us nauseous, sore and give us that headache. Now when we have sex, our bodies produce oxytocin that helps block cytokine production, which in turn might help cure hangovers. Not a bad way to start the day, no?

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