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21 reasons and tricks to dress stylish in the rains

Autumn-Winter Collections, please take a break. Brunch presents monsoon fashion to help you own the season #likeaboss

brunch Updated: Jul 16, 2017 13:01 IST
Samreen Tungekar
Samreen Tungekar
Hindustan Times
Be your stylish best with these monsoon styles. (Gazi wears a suit is from H&M, trousers and shirt from Fred Perry (The Collective), shoes from Adidas Originals and jacket from Columbia. Nora wears a dress and shoes from Koovs)(Shivangi Kulkarni)

The Burberry scarves, the Chanel fur coats, snow boots… winter fashion has a different charm to it and we love the fuss around the edgy overcoats and the dark, berry colours to complete the look. But we’re in India, a country that has the most celebrated monsoon in the world. So when we have to be out there going about our day, why don’t we think about being fashionable during the monsoon just like we gaze and adore the winter and autumn collection of the New York Fashion Week?

Here’s your guide to monsoon fashion and everything that you can do to have a stylish season ahead!

Designer Narresh of fashion label Shivan & Narresh suggests choosing peep-toes. (Gazi wears shorts from Zara, jacket from H&M, shoes from Koovs, watch from Swatch, shirt from Fred Perry (The Collective). Nora wears a dess and shoes from Koovs) (Shivangi Kulkarni)

Go for wedges over heels

If you love high heels, go for good wedges this season, says designer Narresh of the label Shivan & Narresh. They’ll keep your pedicure in place without you having to compromise on your style! “Anyone who likes flats should wear peep-toes, which are shoes that are open at the toe, so there’s more breathing room,” he adds.

Banish damp denims

Can you wear your favourite pair of jeans and step out in the rains in them too? Well, of course you can – with some advice from a fashion expert! “Denim doesn’t dry quick. It’s also not the most comfortable fabric. Yet, if you are a #denimwhore, use the opportunity to roll up your trousers: three folds for girls and two for men (no hair should be seen!),” says designer Rocky S. Pair these with no-socks rubber sneakers, and you are set for a splash!

Accessorise right

Don’t allow the rain gods to urge you to stash away your favourite accessories in those totes. Instead, go minimal! Says designer Nachiket Barve: “The humidity will make the bangles or chokers stick to your skin, making it uncomfortable. Have one statement accessory, even a pop colour nail paint or a tote bag works,” he says. Fashion consultant Marvin D’Souza says: “ Go for plastic-coated accessories that are back in style.” Narresh recommends pairing dresses with chunky belts to add the X-factor.

Have one statement accessory, even a pop colour nail paint or a tote bag works

Mul over the fabric

Monsoonwear is all about picking the right fabric. The lighter it is, the faster it will dry. The more absorbent it is, the easier your skin will feel in the humidity. The more low maintainence it is, the fresher your look will seem hours later. Mul, a soft cotton muslin, seems to be the choice of stylists and designers. Says Narresh: “The comfort level of mul is amazing.” So, wear a shirt made of mul and another made of silk. Ten minutes after you’re out of the rain, the mul will be dry, the silk will be stained!

Clothes that will work best to battle the pitter-patter raindrops would be polyester-based jersey and synthetic fabrics that will dry up real quick. (Gazi wears a suit, shoes and shirt from Zara. His jacket is from Columbia, shoes from Koovs and sunglasses are from RayBan. Nora wears a dress from Koovs) (Shivangi Kulkarni)

Let your body breathe

Wearing lightweight clothes is a no-brainer when it comes to monsoon dressing and nothing can beat or be better than good old cotton! Not only is it the ideal choice for our tropical climate, but Nachiket says that the selling point of cotton is that it is breathable and doesn’t react bizarrely with water, unlike fabrics like silk. “Modal, a type of rayon, with cotton is a good option,” adds the designer.

Stay away from body hugs

Clothes that will work best to battle the pitter-patter raindrops would be polyester-based jersey and synthetic fabrics that will dry up real quick. “Crepe jersey allows free movement, and it is a crossover between the comfort of woven garment and the functionality of the jersey. It helps you look stylish as well,” explains Narresh.

Celebrity make-up artist Vidya Tikari reveals that the most important make-up product of the season is face oil. (Gazi wears a jacket from Moschino (The Collective), trousers and shirt from Zara, shoes from Adidas Originals and watch from Swatch Nora wears a dress, belt and shoes from Koovs) (Shivangi Kulkarni)

Wear water repellers

“There are great fabrics that’ll help you keep the water at bay, like organza silk,” says Narresh. “Water-resistant materials like nylon don’t allow the body to perspire, so just wear them to work and take the layer off,” he says.“If you want to layer up and hate raincoats, trench coats and bomber jackets can be your add-ons,” says designer Rahul Mishra. However, Narresh says, one should’nt layer up too much. “It’s too humid so, dress light,” he says. Fashion designer Anand Bhushan suggests to go all out with wind cheaters, as whatever you’re wearing can be complemented with a good-looking add-on.

Plaid skirts with a wide hem are great for this season as they avoid the stuffiness that comes with pants.

Look pretty in palazzos

Ditch your cigarette pants, denims and switch to palazzos, suggests Narresh. “To some extent, a bodysuit with a pair of flowy palazzos will create a different and fresh look,” he adds. He also thinks plaid skirts with a wide hem are great for this season as they avoid the stuffiness that comes with pants.

Face oils over foundation

Celebrity make-up artist Vidya Tikari reveals the most important make-up product of the season: face oil! “Monsoon is about looking squeaky clean and glowing, and face oils are essential for that. “From your make-up palette, pick earthy hues like chrome or yellow grass green, which are great colours, and always top it off with a nice eyeliner,” she recommends.

Choose spicy over candy

We love the bright pops, but earthy tones work well with the Indian skin tone. “As Indians, we love spicy colours. So pairing one earthy tone with another works well. Avoid mixing them with sharper colours. If you’re wearing military green, choose ochre over lemon yellow,” says Narresh. While Marvin recommends a pop of colour with grey tones, Nachiket thinks it’s best to avoid vintage palettes.

Dodge the drops

“Checkers and stark geometrics are fabulous to camouflage pesky wet spots. You know, in case of a monsoon splash,” says Marvin.

Make white right

Don’t stock the whites in the last pile of the cupboard just because it’s monsoon, says Bhushan. “Soft layering and a plastic sheen layering works beautifully in white. While you can team whites with a splash of colour, opt for metallic accents instead, to change the look,” he adds. White works well as a top but not as bottoms, says Nachiket. “You can also wear a fitted inner in a pop colour and wear a white shirt on it,” he suggests.

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